Below Deck Med: Why Frank & Kyle Aren’t Together After Show

What Happened To Kyle & Frank's Relationship After Below Deck Med Season 7

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 Steward Kyle Viljoen dished on what happened to his relationship with charter guest Frank Fay after their sultry kiss in Malta. Kyle threw caution to the wind when he met bodybuilder model and recruitment manager Frank on superyacht Home. Chief Stewardess Natasha Webb and Kyle got accused of being lazy and unprofessional by fans for hanging out with charter guests late at night, while Kyle heavily flirted with Frank. Find out what happened to Below Deck Med‘s Frank and Kyle’s relationship after season 7 sailed away.

Kyle Didn’t Like Frank’s Ego When He Visited Him In New York City After Below Deck Med Season 7

Kyle went on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to tell reality TV media mogul Andy Cohen what happened with Frank after the cameras stopped rolling.

“So, basically, coming back to New York to meet Frank, this is my time to dive right into everything I’d been building up for the entire season. And the ego didn’t match what I was looking for,” Kyle dished to Andy, then leaving a long silence. He didn’t elaborate further than that cryptic response, saying he would only spill a bit of tea for now.

Andy then asked if Frank and Kyle both live in New York City.

“Yeah, Frank actually lives five blocks away from me. Yes, we are still very good friends. It was such an amazing moment having met him,” Kyle continued. Well, after his comment about Frank’s ego they might not still be friends.

“I don’t believe there is just one soulmate for you in life. In that moment he made me feel exceptionally great and out of this world. I was scared of having that moment, genuinely, but I couldn’t resist.”

Kyle also told Andy he’s found the love of his life, or for this moment in time anyway, Dr. Zachary Riley. The couple live together in New York City with their dog.

“But yeah, I always say thanks to Frank, we gabbled a time, but Zachary is my heart and soul for ever and always.”

That said, Kyle also revealed that he and Frank hooked up at some point.

Charter Guest Frank Has A Boyfriend Too After Romance With Kyle

Although Kyle and Frank’s boatmance didn’t blossom, Frank also found love after Below Deck Med season 7.

Frank is in an Instagram official relationship with his boyfriend Jared Tiller. Like Kyle and Zachary, Jared and Frank also share a pet dog together. They also spend a lot of time with their friends in the LGBTQ+ community. They also love to travel together and goof around on Frank’s TikTok.

So Frank and Kyle’s midsummer’s night’s dream may have ended, but their meeting eventually led Frank to his current relationship with Zachary. All’s well that ends well.

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