Andy From Dated And Related: Age, Jobs, IG, Birthday & More

Andy From Dated And Related: Birthday, Age, Relationship Status, Instagram, Job & More

Andy Foster and his little sister Rachel were the last sibling pair to join the Dated and Related train wreck reality TV show. The pair were given an intense buildup upon entry to the show. Rachel found herself thrust into a love triangle with Ceylan and Will. Meanwhile, Andy found himself being wooed by a thirsty Corrina Roppo. Given more time on the show, Andy could’ve easily established himself as the dominant male in the villa. However, he quickly found himself bounced out along with Rachel after just two episodes. After this letdown, fans were eager to learn more about Andy. We’ve got all the details here.

Andy Foster: A Man Of Hidden Talents

It turns out jacked surfer dude Andy Foster is skilled with numbers and knows his way around a contract. He’d have to be, as his main job is making sure construction projects stay on budget and making sure agreements are up to code. After all, that’s what a quantity surveyor does. Of course, he sidelines as a personal trainer when he’s not at the beach or chasing women.

Andy Foster’s kind and respectful personality has earned him many friends from the show. He understood Corrina’s decision to wait for marriage and let her move at her own pace. A week-old Insta post has comments from many of his castmates. This includes Lily Bajor (who left before he even got to the villa), both Bishop bros, Alara and Ceylan, the Parsijani sisters, Joey, Julia, and both Wade twins.

Andy and Rachel are described in many news articles from Ireland as dancing champions. Andy’s also skilled at trivia, as he led his family to a successful showing on Family Fortunes, the UK’s answer to Family Feud. Andy’s strong performance in the final round with mom Louise (a frequent commenter on Andy’s Insta) netted the Fosters a cool 30K British pounds (close to 35K USD).

Andy Foster’s Instagram, TikTok and Relationship Status

If our calculations and understanding of Irish slang are correct, Andy Foster was born on July 4th according to this Instagram post. In it he confirms he has been partying for 3 weeks “on the bounce” as of July 25th. This would make him a family-oriented, feeling-oriented Cancer. He is a young 27 years of age.

Andy’s TikTok mostly includes him doing his intense workout schedule.

Andy Foster is asked all the time if he is single by women on social media. That does seem to be the case even though he never responds to direct questions about his love life.

Andy’s faithful companion Daz the dog can be found in the background of many shots. However, he loves to travel and has toured in LA, Australia, Bermuda, and Marbella, Spain to name a few destinations.

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