Ceylan From Dated And Related: Job, Relationship Status, Age

Ceylan From Dated And Related: Age, Relationship Status, Job, Instagram & More

Dated And Related star and Ben Stiller look-a-like Ceylan Taneri played second fiddle to his sister Alara when they entered the southern France villa in Cannes. Although Alara tried to be a good wing-woman for her older brother Ceylan (pronounced Jaylan), she only made matters super awkward. During the double date they had with Kieran Bishop and Julia Perfetto, Alara put Julia on the spot, asking her if she was interested in her brother. That killed any small vibe Julia may have had in wanting to get to know Ceylan more. Here’s everything fans need to know about Ceylan from Dated And Related, including his Instagram, age, YouTube channel, job, birthday, relationship status and more.

Ceylan From Dated And Related Works As Twitch Streamer, Soccer Player & YouTube Influencer

Ceylan is a multitasking hustler when it comes to his jobs. He’s a super-skilled soccer player (footballer for non-North Americans) who plays for the Ye?iltepe Ilgaz SD Club and is a member of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association.

However, Ceylan also is Twitch streamer and an aspiring YouTube vlogger. He created his YouTube channel after Dated And Related was released. He also did a video where his sister Alara joined dating apps Hinge and Tinder.

Ceylan’s Relationship Status Is Single According To TikTok & Instagram

According to Ceylan’s Instagram it looks very much like Ceylan is currently single. He mostly posts model pictures of him in designer outfits living his life in London and Cyprus (where he and Alara are originally from). Making him even more like Ben Stiller is his blue steel Zoolander pose in many of his pictures.

Ceylan, age 26, also posts fun videos goofing around on his TikTok. His younger sister Alara also makes an appearance on some of his videos there, too. The Cypriot speaks Turkish and English, and he currently lives in Hereford, UK, where his sister also lives. Although Ceylan struck out with Julia, she became good friends with his sister Alara.

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