Kieran From Dated & Related: Job, Age, Relationship Status, More

Kieran From Dated And Related: Age, Job, Relationship Status, Instagram & More

Kieran from Dated And Related is the the shorter identical Bishop twin (but with different features) of brother Kaz. Despite being the shorter of the two, Kieran doesn’t lack in confidence and charisma. The highly energetic Brit impressed Nina Parsijani, the twin of his brother’s love interest on the show, Diana. When that fizzled out, no matter how hard Kaz and Diana tried to play matchmakers, Kieran coupled up with Alara Taneri. Although they didn’t win the $100,000 prize, fans are wondering if Alara and Kieran ended up staying together in a relationship after the show. Here’s the answer to that and Dated And Related star Kieran’s age, birthday, job, Instagram account, relationship with his brother Kaz and more.

Kieran From Dated And Related Appears To Be Single Now

Couple Kieran & Alara Likely Broke Up After Dated And Related

Kieran and Alara broke up after dating on Dated And Related (Netflix).

Kieran ditched dating Nina after he called her out for being a shady and hypocritical in not defending him from the identical twin Wade brothers talking smack. Alara seemed far more into Kieran anyway, and seemed to have a more compatible, high-energy personality similar to him.

Dated And Related is clearly heavily scripted/fake, so it should come as no surprise that Alara and Kieran broke up. Although they were a couple on the show, the motivation to win $100,000 in prize money undoubtedly influenced their dating in the first place. The long-distance between the UK and Cypress was also be a major barrier to Alara and Kieran remaining a couple after the show. Fans will get more answers on their relationship when the Dated And Related reunion episode drops.

Further fanning speculation Kieran and Alara broke up was Kieran’s clubbing with his brother Kaz since the show. Diana and Alara aren’t in any of the Bishop twins IG stories partying with other stunning ladies. But now, Netflix’s publication Tudum has confirmed Alara and Kieran split.

Kieran’s Age, Birthday, Job & Instagram

Kieran, along with his twin Kaz, are 31 years-old. Kieran’s birthday is on October 11, which makes his zodiac sign Libra. Kieran works as a bank consultant, while Kaz is a firefighter.

Dated And Related's Kaz Celebrating His October 11 Birthday

Kaz is age 31 and will be celebrating his 32nd birthday on October 11, 2022, which means twin Kieran is the same age. Their zodiac sign is Libra (Instagram).

Kieran’s Instagram suggests he also works as a model. He wears a lot of designer clothes and likes to live a luxurious influencer lifestyle. He has several pictures of him posing with a white Porsche. However he’s wearing the same shirt in all those pictures so its unclear if he owns it.

Kieran also loves to go partying at the club. Earlier this year he went to Ibiza, Spain, clubbing with Kaz.

Kieran & Kaz’s Mom Died Back in 2020

Kieran and Kaz in the hospital with their mom

Dated And Related stars Kaz and Kieran in the hospital on their birthday seeing their mom back in 2019 (Instagram).

Kieran and his brother Kaz mom tragically died back in 2020 at the age of 54. The twin brothers have been a strong support for one another after their mom Dawn passed.

Kaz and Kieran also raised money to host a celebration of life ceremony to remember their mother. Kieran posted a collection of stories and videos on IG to honor his late mom.

Kieran and Kaz’s grandmother was originally from Barbados, so the pair are part Barbadian background.

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