Below Deck Med Fans Blast Luka Playing Jess & Taking Advantage

Below Deck Med Fans Blast Luka Playing Jess & Taking Advantage

The Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 finale shocked fans when Bosun Luka Brunton repeatedly disrespected stewardess Jessika Asai. The shameless player throughout the charter season on superyacht Mustique repeatedly and cavalierly talked about how he didn’t have any interest in dating Jess. Meanwhile, when hooking up and working with Jess he behaved sweet, holding and kissing her, even while charter guests were aboard. Below Deck Med fans are now blasting Luka playing Jess and taking advantage of her while she was extremely drunk.

At the start of the charter season, Luka said he just broke up with his long-term girlfriend Lorena Peach. Below Deck Med season 8 started filming in the middle of August 2022. A couple months prior, Luka filmed Below Deck Down Under season 2, where he also claimed he was single. During BDDU season 2, he chased after and made out with deckhand Culver Bradbury’s then-girlfriend Jaime Neale. From the outset of starring on the show, Luka bragged about his previous relationships and hook ups.

So, it didn’t come as all that much surprise to those paying attention when Luka ditched Jess as soon as “backup” Natalya Scudder rejoined the crew for the last night out. After Natalya put an end to fooling around with Luka at the start of the charter season, Luka started up a boatmance with Jess. He told Jess he wasn’t into Natalya anymore, and Natalya joined the long list of Below Deck cast members who quit the show. However, Luka kept in frequent flirty contact with Natalya, as well as Below Deck Med season 6’s Chief Stewardess Katie Flood. Eventually Captain Sandy Yawn unwittingly spilled the beans about his extracurricular texting, saying Luka had a crush on Katie, not knowing he was hooking up with Jess.

Below Deck Med Fans Blast Luka Playing Jess & Taking Advantage On Season 8 Finale

Luka kissing Jess goodbye at the end of Below Deck Med season 8's finale episode

Luka kissing Jess goodbye at the end of Below Deck Med season 8’s finale episode (Bravo).

Jess was upset because she believed Luka had a genuine interest in her as they had been routinely sleeping together. He also asked Jess to come with him to Cannes, France, and to spend a couple nights in the same hotel room during post production. However, once he learned Natalya was back in Genoa, Italy, he quickly abandoned his boatmance. But after jumping ship and making out with Natalya all night at the club, he reapproached Jess for a late night rendezvous.

The native Hawaiian was completely wasted, drinking her sorrows away after Luka treated her so shabbily. On the return back to the boat, Luka called Jess into a cabin — right after deckhand Max Savlador kissed her to try and make her feel better — and said “Let’s get you into some cozy clothes.”

After she called him out for ditching her for Natalya, he said she was “hooking up with all those boys in the club,” referring to her kissing one guy to try and get back at him.

Lead Deckhand Lara Du Preez and steward Kyle Viljoen intervened to try and talk some sense into Jess. However, she insisted she wasn’t looking for anything serious. Luka and Jess ended up hooking up again after that.

“Luka! I have no words… he Cleary took advantage of Jess who was not in a state to make any decisions… why didn’t production step in ? This was so uncomfortable to watch and honestly I hope that both Luka and production get heat for these decisions,” read one fan’s popular comment on Reddit.

Fans on X/Twitter weren’t done with the certified F-boy, either.

Other Below Deck Med Fans Defend Luka But Still Think He’s A Disgraceful Jerk

Many fans thought it was similar to Luke Jones joining a passed out stewardess Margot Sisson in bed on BDDU season 2. However, Luke got completely naked and jumped into bed with Margot, who wasn’t awake. Meanwhile, Jess repeatedly rebuffed others trying to stop her sleeping with Luka and agreed to join him in a guest cabin. Coincidentally, however, Luke and Luka hung out in Dubai after filming BDDU season 2, where Luke gave Luka hydrofoil lessons.

Luka and Luke hanging out in Dubai after both working on BDDU season 2, although one getting fired and the other replacing another crew member fired

Luka and Luke hanging out in Dubai after both working on BDDU season 2, although Luka joined well after Luke was fired for sexual misconduct (Instagram).


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“I’m going to blame awful judgement as an explanation for her horrible judgment and not her age, because [26] is old enough to know better. I think it would have been a bit much if production had stepped in personally. Jess was fully onboard with everything and she actively ignored everyone’s advice. Luka is an ass, but he showed her exactly who he was and she still wanted him, so that’s on her,” another viewer on Reddit commented about the finale controversy.

Recently on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Luka laughed about Jess repeatedly and said she wasn’t someone he would bring home to his parents. A lot of fans found it a bit rich because his long-term girlfriend is an OnlyFans model sharing explicit content.

So far Jess and Luka haven’t addressed the controversy. The reality TV boatmance couple both received nasty messages from fans shocked by the finale. It’s unlikely a Below Deck Med season 8 reunion episode will be produced by Bravo, so fans may never get answers from the two on what happened and why.

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