Below Deck Med: Luka Laughed Off Relationship With Jessika & Fans Bash Him

Below Deck Med: Luka Laughed Off Relationship With Jessika & Fans Bash Him

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 star Luka Brunton didn’t try and soften the blow of his lack of romantic interest in former co-star Jessika Asai while talking to Bravo kingpin Andy Cohen on his show Watch What Happens Live. He certainly solidified many Below Deck fans’ impression he’s both a jerk and player. Joined with fellow co-star Chef Jack Luby, the former BDDU season 2 lead deckhand repeatedly made light of his boatmance with Jess. Luka laughed off relationship with Jessika to a shocked Cohen and Luby.

Andy didn’t take long to bring up Luka’s casual fling romance he had with Jess, after he announced her name was the drink word of the night. Andy first asked Luka why he didn’t make sure the Hawaiian stewardess was on the same page as him.

“Ooh, I don’t know. I felt like we were both on the same page and we both knew this was going to end at the end of the season. She never said anything either,” Luka claimed. However, fans will recall Luka asked Jess to come with him to Cannes, France, after the charter season ended. Of course, the Below Deck Med season 8 finale preview shows that wouldn’t happen. Former love-interest and co-star Natalya Scudder came to party on the last crew night out, which led Luka to drop Jess faster than superyacht Mustique‘s anchor.

Below Deck Med‘s Luka Laughed Off Relationship With Jessika

Jessika and Luka flirting and kissing in the laundry room

Jessika and Luka flirting and kissing in the laundry room (Bravo).

Andy, looking extra mischievous than usual, couldn’t wait to put Luka — who joined remotely from Antigua, where he’s currently working another superyacht chartering season — on the hot seat.

They played a game called “Stew Would You Rather?”, where Andy was asked to pick either Jess, Natalya or Below Deck Med season 6’s Chief Stew Katie Flood.

Who has the most enviable work ethic? “Natalya.”

Who do you have the best banter with? “Katie.”

At this point it became pretty obvious Luka had not interest in picking Jessika.

Who do you feel Sandy likes the most? “Natalya, by the sounds of it, she wanted her back.”

Who would you most want to backpack Europe with? “Katie.”

Who’s smile drives you wild the most? “Katie.”

Who would you sooner bring home to meet your parents? “Ooh, this is a tough one. Not Jess. [Smiles and laughs]. I’m probably not going to bring anyone home to meet my parents.”

Both Andy and Chef Jack were pretty taken aback by his response.

“Okay, why not Jess?” Andy said, stopping the game. “There just wasn’t any chemistry there.” Ouch, real nice.

Who was the last of these ladies that you texted? “Katie.”

Who was the best kisser? “Natalya.”

“By your answers I kind of feel like Katie is your pick of the three,” Andy said, mercifully ending the game.

“Oh yeah, me and Katie are good friends,” Luka responded. He then let Cohen know he didn’t find any love at BravoCon but “possibly” had a fling. Luka’s long relationship history hasn’t yet been addressed, or that he’s had a long-term girlfriend since way before starring on either Below Deck Med season 8 or BDDU season 2.

Below Deck Fans Bash Luka For Being A Jerk

Luka having a good laugh at Jessika's expense while Andy looks shocked

Luka having a good laugh at Jessika’s expense while Andy looks shocked (Bravo).

Luka added most salt to the wound when a fan asked him if he thinks he’d have hooked up with Jess if Natalya hadn’t joined the long list of Below Deck crew to quit the show.

“No, I don’t think I would’ve.”

“Wow, that’s rough,” Andy chimed in as the audience laughed awkwardly.


“Well because it kind of sounds like she was your default because Natalya left,”

“[Laughs], um, well when you put it that way.”

Below Deck fans didn’t take long to bash Luka for his cavalier attitude towards his leading on Jess that he liked her on the show.

“Obviously he wasn’t seriously interested in her but this seems rude to say and like it would obviously hurt Jess’ feelings. Is Luka just getting a pass from everyone for being a fboy cuz he’s attractive?” one fan asked on a Below Deck Reddit thread.

“I really liked him in sailing yacht but med has changed my mind. He’s cute but ehhhhh F boy vibes all around,” another detractor added.

X/Twitter also erupted with disdain for Luka’s shabby treatment of Jess and smugness on WWHL.

Hopefully Jessika will get a chance to address Luka directly on a Below Deck Med season 8 reunion episode.

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