What Happened To The Real World Austin Cast After The Show?

What Happened To The Real World Austin Cast After The Show?

The Real World Austin, also known as The Real World Season 16, starts re-airing on Netflix on Jan. 20. Voted “Best Season” at the 2008 Real World Awards Bashthis season launched the careers of several reality mainstays. It’s never going to be the best reviewed season of all time, but it is one of the most influential. All seven members of the cast went on to star on The Real World spinoff, The Challenge. Some of them continued in the reality TV space, and others went back to… well… the real world. Let’s see what happened to The Real World Austin cast after show and go through what they’ve been doing one by one.

What Happened To The Real World Austin Cast After Show? Danny Jamieson

40-year-old Danny Jamieson and his girlfriend, then wife, then ex Melinda Collins competed on six iterations of The Challenge.  They were married in 2008 and divorced in 2010. They have no children together and Melinda only revealed they had split on Cutthroat, the 2012 iteration of The Challenge. Danny has almost no social media presence, but he did win “Best Love Story” with Melinda at the Real World Awards.

Danny has likely gone back into the family construction business. This website for Jamieson Construction in for a roofing business in his hometown. This might be Danny’s Facebook page which suggests that he has gotten married again. Danny doesn’t have any contact with The Real World or The Challenge, and has not appeared in any of the All-Star seasons.

What Happened To The Real World Austin Cast After Show? Melinda Collins

Melinda with her husband Matt at their home in Wisconsin

Melinda with her husband Matt at their home in Wisconsin (Instagram).

After Melinda and Danny split, she did get married again. Her husband since 2016 is Matt Collins and they have two children together, Camden and Hayden. Camden was born 2019, and Hayden arrived in 2022. Melinda did tragically suffer a miscarriage in 2021 and lost a daughter. Melinda has appeared on six seasons of The Challenge and reappeared for All-Stars Part 2 and 3. She is currently 40 years old.

Melinda’s active on Instagram with 41,300 followers and  X/Twitter  with 24,100 followers and has a Blonde Moments podcast. She has one big sister Melissa and is also an aunt. Her dog of choice is the Bernedoodle, and she owns 2 named Finn and Gatsby. Melinda is also working on breaking ground on a new wedding venue, The Valerie. But, Melinda loves to keep her mind active through reading and is always delving into the newest crime thriller. Melinda is a committed Green Bay Packers fan and loves to engage in charity work with her reality show friends.

Wes Bergmann Is Thriving After His Time On The Real World Austin

Wes with his wife Amanda Hornick and their baby daughter Lucy

Bergmann with his wife Amanda Hornick and their baby daughter Lucy (Instagram).

Wes Bergmann has been involved in 21 seasons of The Challenge. He has won 3 seasons (The Duel, Rivals II, and All Stars 3) and taken home $562,200 USD. He has actively retired from future seasons after The Challenge USA 2, but he is not done with the series. There are rumors he will be involved somehow in the 40th season of The Challenge.

Wes married Amanda Hornick in 2018 and is 39 years old. Wes and Amanda are parents to Lucy Jean who was born on Sept. 29, 2023. He has 213,000 followers on Twitter/X and 439,000 followers on Instagram. Wes’ rate on Cameo  is $125 USD. He is the originator of reality show platform Betablox, where startups competed against one another. On Wes’s Patreon he will go over his best reality TV moments for $26.50 USD. Wes is a dog dad to Penny the Bernedoodle but his beloved St. Bernard Bootstrap died tragically in 2021 from cancer.

What Happened To The Cast After Show? Johanna Botta

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Johanna Botta was also a participant in four seasons of The Challenge. She is the winner of one season (The Gauntlet III) and her prize for winning was $50,000. Johanna and Wes competed as a couple on The Gauntlet III, but their relationship didn’t last until the next season. She returned to compete by herself on The Island (season 16) then competed with Wes again on season 18, The Ruins.

Joanna has found work in the TV and movie industry after The Challenge. From 2010-2011 she NBC’s travel program 1st Look. She has also starred in two movies, Joe Dick (2017) and A Few Shy (2011). Johanna and husband Willem Marx got married in 2014, and their son, Diego, who was born the next year. Joanna is from Riverside, California, but now lives with Willem in England. Johanna is active on Twitter/X with 18,400 followers and Instagram with 26,300 followers. In recent years she has presented at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023. You might also find 40-year old Johanna on Reach TV, the in-airport TV network.

Nehemiah Clark Got Engaged After The Real World Austin

Nehemiah Clark appeared on all three All-Star seasons, as well as The Duel I and IIThe Gauntlet III, and Rivals. He is the winner of The Gauntlet III, and won $50,000. Nehemiah and Wes put together their own show, Friends With Benefitsduring the pandemic. He talked about breaking up with his fiancée of six years and losing everything in a 2020 interview. Nehemiah goes into detail about this on his Instagram. However he only has 43,100 followers on the platform. His Twitter/X profile is similar for followers at 16,000.

38-year old Nehemiah started out as a filmmaker on The Real World Austin. He has starred in two filmsOn Empty and Inner City Champions. In addition to being a certified Yoga and Reiki instructor, he is a DJ and the brand ambassador for SnapIT Solutions. Nehemiah manages the company’s social media and travels on their behalf. He is looking to get back into music as he has been part of a 9-piece hip-hop band.

What Happened To The Cast After Show? Rachel Moyal

Rachel Moyal was a combat nurse in Iraq and currently works as a Senior Clinical Implementation Specialist. She has a degree in Human Biology from University at Albany, and a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Albany Medical College. She also has a Doctor of Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She’s  worked as an associated professor and a surgical assistant. You can read her LinkedIn here.

At age 41 Rachel is still part of the Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program. She’s also spoken on career development at the American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants. Rachel is also a winner of The Gauntlet III, the same season won by Nehemiah and Johanna. On The Inferno 3, she lost but recorded another memorable moment when cried after being eliminated. Rachel maintains an IG account with 3230 followers, but it is private. We know she got married in 2009 and goes by Rachel Moyal-Smith, and became a mom soon after.

What Happened To The Cast After Show? Lacey Buehler

Lacey Buehler has participated in only one season of The Challenge, Battle Of The Seasons. Danny, Melinda, and Wes were on this season with her but they were all eliminated quickly. Lacey got married in 2016 to Cameron Hanmer and they have two daughters together. Fiona was born on April 24th, 2023 and Barrett came into the world in 2018. Lacey has opened her own salon, Midtown Tryst in 2021 in her hometown of Tallahassee. She also works with sustainable hair product manufacturers Living Proof on their creative team.

42-year old Lacey has an IG account (4,160 followers) and a Twitter (3,800 followers). Her has 4,160 followers and her has 3,800 followers. Most of her Twitter posts are about Love Is Blind and other shows. Lacey owns three cats: Murphy the Persian shorthair, Bruce the one-eyed orange tabby and Alice the rescue calico.

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