Outlast: What Happened to Jill And Amber After Netflix Show

Outlast: What Happened to Jill And Amber After Netflix Show

Outlast season 1‘s game rules (or lack thereof) led to some pretty dirty tactics employed by Camp Alpha’s blacksmith Justin Court, PI detective Jill Ashlock, and yoga instructor Amber Asay. First, the three conspired to have Justin cross the Alaska’s Neka River to sabotage Team Delta’s camp by stealing their sleeping bags. After that dirty missions was completed, Jill and Amber performed their own dirty deeds, harassing a weakened Team Bravo, and bullying Javier Colón into deciding to protect his camp or raft from the two ladies onslaught. The two thick as thieves friends received a lot of Outlast fan backlash for their villainous gameplay. So, what happened to Jill and Amber after filming Outlast and returning from the remote Alaskan wilderness?

Outlast‘s Amber And Jill Go About Their Careers & Lives

Amber rocking it at her one workplace

Amber rocking it at her one workplace (Instagram).

In spite of all the attacks from Outlast viewers and competitors — like teacher Nick Radner calling Jill a snake and bohemian wanderer Javier saying they were worse than shown — Amber and Jill returned to their lives and careers at home after becoming runner-ups on the Netflix survival competition show.

Amber’s Instagram shows she’s back in Phoenix, Arizona, working as a yoga instructor and customer experience expert at an indoor rock climbing and bouldering business. A recovered heroin addict and domestic violence victim, Amber makes the most of life now and has found her tribe of friends and family to cheer on her successful career and life. Per Amber’s LinkedIn, she also works as a project coordinator for LGE Design Build, an architecture and construction firm.

Outlast ended in the late fall of 2021, so a lot has happened in Amber’s life since then. She continues conquering the wilderness, summiting California’s Mount Muir and other mountains. She also takes time to continue her spiritual journey through yoga and meditation. Amber also explored the desert in Joshua Tree and kayaked part of the Colorado River. Amber also returned to her love of aerial silk. She’s also a big camper and and outdoor rock climbing enthusiast. She also created her own outdoor adventures club/business ABOMB Adventures. She also has a romantic partner now, and he made a cameo appearance on her Instagram stories, but they keep their relationship pretty private.

Outlast competitor Amber hiking a mountain with friends

Outlast competitor Amber hiking a mountain with friends (Instagram).

Over the same year-and-a-half time period after filming, Jill continued her sleuthing at her PI business in New Haven, Kentucky. Jill, age 42, also spends a lot of time with her husband, dogs, kids and grandkids. Like Amber, Jill likes to go on road trips to mountains with her Toyota 4Runner and offroad motorcycle. Since Outlast, Jill’s competed in archery competitions, participated in native drum circles, foraged for mushrooms, ate a worm, hiked mountains, and taken up indoor rock climbing (perhaps from her friend Amber’s suggestion).

Jill celebrating Christmas with her husband Kyle and family

Jill celebrating Christmas with her husband Kyle, dogs, and family (Instagram).

In an Instagram Q&A on Sunday, March 19, Jill confirmed she and Amber are still “closer than most sisters” after the show, remaining good friends. She said not many friends can say they gave up a shot of winning their cut of a million dollars for a friend.

What Happened To Jill And Amber After Nasty Attacks From Outlast Fans Online

Jill on the open road riding her motocycle

Jill on the open road riding her motocycle (Instagram).

Netflix viewers went all over social media to blast the ruthlessness of Amber and Jill. Redditors and Twitter users ganged up on the duplicitous duo for their wily ways on the show. They also showed up in their Instagram comments calling them every nasty name in the book.

Jill hasn’t taken all of the online abuse to well. She’s posted a lot since the show has aired, telling people to “use their brains” and suggested Outlast is edited and scripted. She also responds to a lot of the nasty comments she’s received online. However, Jill says about half the online feedback is positive. She defends her actions on the show as what was expected of the game they signed up for. Jill also set the record straight. With her help and fishing experience Team Alpha caught eight Coho Salmon, not three like the show claimed. She also taught her fellow competitors how to forage mushrooms.


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? original sound – Jill Ashlock

Since the show aired, Amber held an Outlast watch party with family and friends. She’s also focusing on the positive of the show and responded to online attacks by saying she and Jill got a bad edit.

Justin hinted on his IG stories that Netflix may make an Outlast reunion episode. Fans definitely want to hear more on what happened to Jill and Amber since leaving Alaska. Viewers also want to hear the devious duo further defend their reality TV villainous behavior.

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast (Instagram).

Jill foraging mushrooms

Jill foraging mushrooms (Instagram).

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