Outlast: Jill And Amber Blast Fan Backlash Saying They’re Villains

Outlast: Jill And Amber Blast Fan Backlash Saying They're Villains

Netflix’s survival competition reality TV show Outlast gets wildly out of control midway through the season when cast members start to turn on each other like in Lord of the Flies. Team Alpha decide to become bullying predators targeting another camp’s essential survival gear.

Alpha’s yoga instructor Amber Asay and professional detective Jill Ashlock encouraged blacksmith Justin Court to steal sleeping bags and sabotage Team Delta’s shelter. Not only that, Amber and Jill appeared to bully and sabotage Team Bravo’s camp, too. However, Jill and Amber are shooting down attacks from fans claiming they’re the villains of Outlast season 1.

Jill Threatens Nasty Fans Due To Backlash She & Amber Were Outlast‘s Villains

Javier burning down his shelter on Outlast

Javier burning down his shelter on Outlast (Netflix).

Jill’s no-nonsense attitude and incredible hunting skills weren’t just for show when cameras were rolling evidently. She’s going for the jugular of fans trying to drag her and Amber online, calling her all types of nasty names under the sun.

“I mean, what really gets me, is the stupidity, I mean you guys are blocking your accounts but you don’t realize I have a license that permits me to stalk your ass if I want to. I can find out every bit of your information, legally, the state of Kentucky gives me a license for that. Wake up, stop giving the world more hate, that’s what you’re doing. You’re trying to call me a hater, and the c-word, and the b-word, and all of this stuff,” Jill said in an Instagram video.

“And the whole time you’re the ones hating. Your the ones spreading more hate. You’re the ones that can’t see the love that was put out in that show. The friendship against all odds of two abused women that put up with misogynistic males for 36 days. What do you think set us off? Look at the cuts. Come on! Get a brain. Stop being a sheep, you have a choice. I’m a [bleeping] wolf, if you want to be a sheep, I will eat you alive.”

Jill was at the end of her rope after getting a deluge of hate from Outlast fans claiming she and her good friend Amber were “garbage” and “evil”. The PI from New Haven, Kentucky, suggests Outlast is heavily edited and scripted.

Jill & Amber Claim They Were Retaliating From Men’s Bad Behavior On Outlast

Amber posted Instagram videos as well responding to the online social media attacks, saying its been a lot to process the editing and post-production portrayal. “This is theatre, it’s drama, it’s reality TV. Most of the stuff they’re playing is the drama. They didn’t hit on any of the bush crafting, the shelter building, the foraging. The transformation from this scared girl when I got there to being who they portrayed me as on the show.

Amber also highlighted that show production left out the context of her confrontation with Javier Colón, where she’s trying to take the buoys from his raft. She said the missing context was Javier was betraying an alliance and that she worked hard to provide him with those buoys. So she was taking them back because he was an alleged traitor. “The have to make a narrative work. So while you see me on screen, it is me but it is not me. And while you can say I would do this or I would do that it’s so easy to judge from the couch. When you haven’t been there, and you haven’t been starving, and you haven’t been in a situation where you’re completely out of your element, you don’t know how you would react.”

Amber also shared an Outlast producer defending her and Jill.

Alleged Outlast producer defending Jill and Amber on social media

Alleged Outlast producer defending Jill and Amber on social media and claiming Javier is no saint (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Javier is claiming Amber is a liar. “I just saw Amber’s video confession. Her insanity knows no limit. She’s still living in a fantasy world. She didn’t do anything to help me with my raft. I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about. This is some childish attempt to avoid taking responsibility for her actions. Even her lie makes no sense,” Javier told fans in his Instagram comments.

Javier claims Jill and Amber were even worse then what made Outlast‘s final cut.

“So I’m live, like unedited stuff, right. I felt like this would be the best way to give you guys this message. I am not going to play into people who do not have the cognitive ability to think for themselves. If you all want to follow the masses of these sheep, they can’t see what reality TV for what it is, I am so sorry for you,” Jill said in her own video response.

“But you are not going to get me riled up. I’m not going to propagate hate. You guys have got enough in the show to go look. It’s there if you will look for it. But as far as all the ones that are out there, ‘Oh, she’s chicken [bleep], she won’t come and defend herself.’ I absolutely don’t have one single [bleeping] thing to defend. I’m sorry that you guys think that. It breaks my heart that you cannot see the show for what it’s worth. There’s no way that I believe Netflix intended for you guys to take it and twist it this way.”

Jill Shows How She Helped Outlast Cast Forage For Mushroom & How Alpha Actually Caught Eight Coho Salmon

Jill is also sharing another side of the story that wasn’t included on the show Outlast. She shared different types of mushrooms she taught cast members to forage for around Alaska’s Neka River, including an inedible type used as a fire starter.

Jill foraging mushrooms

Jill foraging mushrooms in Alaska (Instagram).

She also revealed that Team Alpha actually caught her body weight in Coho Salmon, eight in total, not the three claimed by the narrator in Outlast.

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Alpha teammate Justin Court hasn’t received nearly as much online attacks from fans, despite stealing sleeping bags and food from other competitors. One things for sure, Netflix needs to release an Outlast reunion episode.

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