The Ultimatum: Madlyn & Colby Share 1st Baby Pics Of Josie After Birth

The Ultimatum: Madlyn & Colby Share First Baby Pictures of Baby Girl Josie With Fans After Birth
Colby and Madlyn shared the first pictures of them with their newborn daughter, Josie, after she was born on May 2, 2022 (Screenshot, Instagram).

The Ultimatum stars Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger revealed the adorable first pictures of their newborn baby girl, Josie, on Saturday.

New mom Madlyn embraces her newborn baby girl Josie at the hospital after giving birth (Instagram).

Josie Kissinger was born on May 2 weighing a healthy eight pounds, eight ounces according to E! News. Madlyn had to have a C-section because her baby was breech, which resulted in the delivery only taking 20 minutes. She was born at 7:25 AM.

The pictures of Colby and Madlyn with their new baby girl melted fans hearts.

Apparently Josie was born a couple days before Madlyn’s due date.

Madlyn and Colby are thrilled to be new parents and already have everything setup for the nursery at home. They’ve now returned from the hospital in Houston, Texas.

The rest of The Ultimatum cast have sent the couple congratulations on their healthy newborn and the two becoming parents. April Melohn, who really wants to be a mom herself one day, was the first to congratulate them.

Madlyn also shared of a video of her embracing her newborn daughter in the hospital bed.

Madlyn Loved The Pregnancy Process

“I didn’t know how much I was gonna love it,” Madlyn told E! about her pregnancy. “I really loved every minute of being pregnant. I mean, the last couple of weeks, of course got hard and I was so eager to meet my baby, but I felt like a champ. It gave me a whole new sense of confidence and love for myself and for Colby. It just totally grew me as an individual and us as a couple.”

Madlyn previously set the record straight that her and Colby didn’t become pregnant while on The Ultimatum, but three months after cameras stopped rolling.

Colby sees a lot of Madlyn in Josie, saying she already looks like her mini-me.

Madlyn also told E! that they will spend her first Mother’s Day by the pool at Colby’s parents place. Colby’s mom and dad will also be spending the week with them to assist in the first steps of parenting.

Colby and Madlyn’s adorable baby girl Josie Kissinger (Instagram).

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