The Ultimatum: April’s Ethnicity, Age, Birthday, Job, Dog, Boyfriend & More

The Ultimatum‘s April Marie Melohn became the most popular cast member on Instagram due to her larger-than-life character.

Now fans want to know everything about April, including her ethnicity, age, birthday, job, dog, boyfriend, home city and background.

April’s Ethnicity & Background

In The Ultimatum Jake Cunningham’s mom describes April as their “Filipino firecracker”, suggesting she’s a Filipina (a woman whose from the Philippines). However, April is actually only half Filipino. In an Instagram story she revealed she that both her parents are half white and half Filipino. Her parents other ethnic backgrounds are German and Irish.

April grew up as a “military brat”, moving around a lot with her family to different air force bases. The Ultimatum star had to always make new friends because they were always changing locations. April said that moving around a lot helped her mature faster and her friends have always been older.

April’s Age, Birthday, Astrological Sign & Height

While on The Ultimatum April was only 23 years-old. She’s now age 24, but will be turning 25 on April 23rd. That makes April’s astrological sign a Taurus.

April’s height is only four feet, eleven inches, according to her Instagram.

Even in heels she looks tiny when standing next to co-star Zay Wilson.

April’s Boyfriend Cody Cooper & Dog

On the reunion episode of The Ultimatum April revealed she was dating a new man after breaking up with Jake. Although she hasn’t made it Instagram official, her new boyfriend Cody Cooper put up stories of the two getting close while partying in Las Vegas.

Cody in the middle of girlfriend April and one of his friends (Screengrab, Instagram).
April’s apparent new boyfriend Cody Cooper posted Instagram stories with a few pictures of him dating The Ultimatum star (Screengrab, Instagram).

Cody is age 30 and is a successful entrepreneur and real estate agent. He owns the real estate brokerage called Sprout Realty and shows off his wealthy lifestyle on his Instagram. He splits his time between Austin, Texas, and Tulum, Mexico.

April also has a pet dog named Kao who is a Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog. Kao, age 3, is April’s “princess” had her own Instagram account.

April’s Job Today & Past Jobs & Home City

April currently has a successful career in sales and recruiting, often finding new jobs for people and helping tech companies hire.

While growing up April babysat younger kids on the military bases where she lived. That’s probably where she developed such a strong maternal instinct and wants to have kids young. She also worked as a gymnastic instructor in her late teens.

Although April has recently lived in Austin, Texas. She considers herself a LA, California girl at heart.

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