Physical: 100’s Jo Jin-Hyeong: Age, IG, Job, Family and More

Physical: 100's Jo Jin-Hyeong: Age, IG, Job, Family and More

Physical: 100‘s Jo Jin-hyeong is just a seriously strong regular dude competing against Olympic athletes, elite soldiers, and chiseled bodybuilders. His presence contributes as much as the insane challenges or cash prize to the show’s IRL Squid Game vibe. There’s just something satisfying about watching a 41-year old car salesman hang with this group. It gives the sense that this competition really is up for grabs. It’s nice to know it’s not a foregone conclusion that human cheat codes like gold medalist Yun Sung-Bin or fanatical trainers like wrestler Jang Eun-Sil will win.

Physical: 100’s Jo Jin-Hyeong may be more relatable than your average show participant, but he’s just as serious about winning. He may have been one of the first people to drop out of the initial challenge. However, that was only because his considerable mass worked against him. He’s hauled sand like a pro, and expertly co-captained his group of 10 during the ship-dragging challenge. We also can’t forget how he utterly outmatched soldier/firefighter Hong Beom-Seok in the deathmatch. He even stopped Choo Sung-Hoon cold in a test of leg strength. Watching him power the ship across the course made it perfectly clear that it’ll be very hard for anyone to stop him from winning.

Physical: 100’s Jo Jin-Hyeong: Job As A Committed Family Man

Jo Jin-hyeong with his son

Jo Jin-hyeong with his son (Instagram).

Jo’s follower count (less than 7,000) is a lot less impressive than some of the other contestants. However, it’s not for lack of great content. On Jo Jin-hyeong’s IG, he’s got plenty of pics of with his son Dohyun, who was born in 2017 and loves his dad very much. He also calls his workout partners, including Choo Sung-Hoon himself and several women, his brothers. see him doing something ridiculous like squatting 400+ pounds or casually flipping a small car, and then the next photo is of him on a merry-go-round wearing bunny ears with his “family”, it gives the impression of Jo as a friendly, gentle giant. Jo Jin-hyeong is married to waxing specialist Kim Sea-Rom, who is a lot smaller than her husband but has a larger follower count at over 11,000.

Physical 100's Jo Jin-hyeong's wife Kim Sea-rom

Physical 100‘s Jo Jin-hyeong’s wife Kim Sea-rom (Instagram).

Jo -Jin-hyeong works as a car dealer and strongman athlete.

Driven By A Motor

Car dealer Jo Jin-hyeong on Physical: 100

Car dealer Jo Jin-hyeong on Physical: 100 (Netflix).

Physical: 100‘s Jo Jin-Hyeong loves things that go fast. He’s an ambassador for Indian Motorcycle Korea and little Do-hyun has a mini-motorcycle of his own. He also spends quite a bit of time down by the water and while he prefers land vehicles, you can find him on a boat occasionally. But the most incredible way we can see just how driven Jo is is the comparison of himself as a skinny teenager to his current 127 kg (just under 280 pounds) size.

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