Physical: 100’s Yun Sung-Bin: Age, IG, Family, Net Worth & More

Physical: 100’s Yun Sung-Bin: Age, IG, Family, Net Worth & More

Choo Sung-Hoon is the most respected of the 100 contestants, but Physical: 100’s Yun Sung-bin is the most feared. In the deathmatch challenge, he dominated and practically mauled his opponent, MMA fighter and singer Lee Dae-Won. And going into the upcoming team challenge, Olympic skeleton gold medalist Yun Sung-bin received far and away the most votes from his peers to be a team leader. Then, given the right to choose his opposing team, he picked the group led by rugby standout Jang Seong-Min. When he did, it was Jang, who is three inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than Yun, who looked surprised and intimidated.

The reason is simple: Physical: 100’s Yun Sung-bin is a physical phenomenon. He seems to be able to master any sport quickly, from soccer to badminton. While he’s not a fighter by trade, he’s incredibly fast and has a ridiculous jumping ability. He’s also known for his competitive streak and iron will, which has earned him the nickname “Iron Man.” When he speaks on Physical: 100, he appears calm and chilled out, a far cry from more flashy contestants like back-flipping wrestler Nam Kyung-Jim or intense army reservist Agent H. All of this makes him a heavy favorite to win the 300 million won grand prize. Can we find anything else out about him from his social media?

Yun Sung-bin with his cute dog Genie

Yun Sung-bin with his cute dog Genie (Instagram).

Physical: 100’s Yun Sung-bin Appreciates The Simple Things

Yun was born in the remote coastal region of Namhae County, with a population of less than 100,000 people. He achieved international superstardom with his gold medal performance in skeleton for a home crowd at the PyeongChang Olympics in 2018. He boasts a net worth of at least $1 million and a spot on Forbes’ Top 30 under 30 Asia, his socials paint a picture of a quiet country boy.

He’s a golf enthusiast and a lover of workout food like broccoli and burgers. Yun Sung-bin’s Instagram features many pictures of his little dog and best friend, Genie. Most of his captions are very simple and short, even when boasting an endorsement from Gatorade or showing off his ripped physique. He’s reportedly very close with his mother, Cho Young-hee, who has supported his career from high school. While there is no evidence of him being in a relationship, one post from July 2022 is titled, “TV in love”, and he is holding a basket of flowers. Who could they be for? He’s also quite popular on IG, with over 81,000 followers.

Yun Sung-bin chowing down on a burger after workout

Yun Sung-bin chowing down on a burger after workout (Instagram).

Yun Sung-bin, age 28, is also a very popular YouTuber. His Olympian Iron Bin YouTube channel displays his athletic prowess in many different sports. The South Korean star Olympian regulary gets videos with over 1 milion views and has 274,000 subscribers.

The pro athlete and sports influencer celebrates his birthday on May 23rd and he turns age 29 in 2023.

Yun Sung-bin with his grandma or "halmeoni" in Korean

Yun Sung-bin with his grandma or “halmeoni” in Korean (Instagram).

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