Below Deck Season 9: Follow All Cast’s Instagram & Twitter Accounts Here

Are you wanting to follow all the Below Deck season 9 cast on Instagram and Twitter but forgetting some last names or just lazy? Well here’s a simple list of all the crew’s Instagram accounts and Twitter handles for you to easily follow.

Chief Stew Heather Chase’s Instagram & Twitter

Below Deck season 9’s Heather Chase loves to post on her Instagram account, @heatherkapiolani. The Chief Stew has lots of videos and pictures showing off her yachting, partying and traveling lifestyle. She also likes to comment and flirt a bit with Bosun Jake Foulger on there too.

Heather also has a new Twitter account she started recently when Instagram was down. She can be followed at her Twitter handle @ChiefStew.

Second Stew Fraser Olender’s Instagram & Twitter

Fraser Olender likes to show off his posh life globetrotting. He has a serious case of wanderlust, traveling all over the world. He also dresses impeccably. You can follow his Instagram account at @fraserolender.

Fraser also recently created a Twitter account where he likes to comment from time to time. Follow Fraser’s Twitter account @FraserOlender.

Third Stew Jessica Albert’s Instagram

Below Deck season 9’s Jessica Albert, age 35, can be followed on Instagram at her account @jay_blythe. Jessica’s IG has a lot of pictures of the outdoors, animals and yachting. She also recently posted her working at her new career as a stylist.

Bosun Jake Foulger’s Instagram

Bosun Jake Foulger’s Instagram lives up to the hype of the wild man’s reputation on Below Deck season 9. There are lots of pictures of Jake, age 27, traveling, partying, partying, and partying. He also shared some cool drawings he made during quarantine. In his bio he describes himself as a “sex therapist”.

Deckhand Rayna Lindsey’s Instagram

Below Deck star Rayna Lindsey loves to share pics of herself traveling and all the new food and drinks she tries. Rayna’s Instagram also includes a lot of her in bathing suits by the water. She also has lots of pics from her first days in boating when she lived up in Alaska, which includes lots of outdoor pics of the ocean and Alaskan wildlife.

Deckhand Wesley O’Dell’s Instagram

Judging by Below Deck‘s Wes’ IG posts it looks like he really loves sailing and the boating lifestyle. The bulk of his pics are him on a boat with friends and colleagues or enjoying the Caribbean island lifestyle of Saint Kitts, where he spent a lot of time growing up. Follow Wesley O’Dell on Instagram here.

First Officer Eddie Lucas’ Instagram

Bravo star Eddie Lucas has been around since the beginning of Below Deck, so unless you are a new My Seanna yachtie fan, you should already be following the guy! Eddie shares posts of his adventurous life motorcycling, hanging with friends, partying, yachting and traveling. What more could one want? There don’t appear to be any pics with his girlfriend he’s dating on season 9 though, but some with cute dogs.

Keep up with the Below Deck OG crew member by following Eddie’s Instagram here.

Chef Rachel’s Instagram & Twitter

Below Deck‘s Chef Rachel Hargrove likes to let fans see some of her globetrotting lifestyle on her Instagram. She also shares some of her amazing culinary creations with fans that always wow charter guests and crew members alike.

However, Chef Rachel’s Twitter is where Below Deck fans can get more of her biting commentary and funny one-liners they’ve grown to love.

Captain Lee Rosbach’s Instagram & Twitter

Below Deck‘s OG captain may be getting old, but that doesn’t slow him down from being hip with the kids. Captiain Lee’s Instagram has a lot of posts of him yachting, motorcycling and fishing. He also posts a lot of pics of his life with his wife, family and friends in Florida.

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