Love Is Blind S6: Jessica Is Dating Harry Jowsey After Perfect Match S2 Fans Claim

Love Is Blind S6: Jessica Is Dating Harry Jowsey After Perfect Match S2 Fans Claim

Perfect Match was an ambitious crossover of all of Netflix’s biggest walking red flags from their reality TV dating show stable. It was praised for meeting the extraordinarily low bar of having a same-sex relationship that lasted more than one episode. Nobody found their perfect match, the show’s strongest couple lost, and the winners turned on each other. This is because someone might watch any of the individual Netflix dating shows expecting some true love. However, Perfect Match‘s explicit purpose is to generate content and controversy. Today’s content is about Love Is Blind Season 6 participant Jessica Vestal, who may be on Perfect Match Season 2. Fans believe Jessica is dating Harry Jowsey who may also be on Perfect Match season 2.

Photos leaked of what very much looks like the pair in a romantic embrace in the waters of Mexico while filming Perfect Match season 2.

Chloe and former Too Hot to Handle co-star Harry Jowsey goofing around together

Former Too Hot to Handle co-star Harry Jowsey goofing around with friend and former co-star Chloe Veitch (Instagram).

Just look at Harry Jowsey’s absolutely insane dating history. A Kardashian, another Kardashian’s best friend, and NBA legend Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife just to name three. By contrast, Jess’s story isn’t fully told on LIB because we have 3 episodes left. However, it is a foregone conclusion that she will return to put the final nail in Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell‘s floundering relationship. So far she has been notable for telling Jimmy, “You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways,” after he saw her in real life. Jimmy, AKA adult Bart Simpson, has considerable flaws, but he probably doesn’t deserve a life threatening allergic reaction. Instead, what Jimmy did after seeing a picture of Jess was send her a friend request, setting up a cliffhanger for next Wednesday’s episode.

Fans Believe Jessica Is Dating Harry Jowsey After Meeting On Perfect Match Season 2

Love Is Blind star Trevor commenting on Jessica's post

Love Is Blind star Jessica Vestal (Instagram).

With all that context, let’s first find out whether Jess and Harry were on the show together. Harry, who ended Too Hot To Handle season 1 with Francesca Farago and later broke off their engagement, is a natural for the show. Harry has also dated Perfect Match winner Georgia Hassarati, before the show. He also was, um, involved with Georgia during her relationship with the other winner, Dom Gabriel. Don’t forget that Rom Com Dom and Heartbreak Harry have also both been involved with Francesca. You can understand how things might be weird between the two men, but Harry has showed up on Dom’s vodcast no less than twice since Perfect Match. They both confirmed that they were done with reality dating. However no less of a source than Reality Ashley has floated a returning Dom and Harry as being contestants. IG account @toohottea corroborates this.

Reality Ashley is our primary source for Jessica’s participation on Perfect Match 2. Jessica is a relatively new entry to the Netflix Realityverse. Even though there are eleven rumored people to show up on season 2, some estimates put the cast at 20 people so it is possible. The list of potentials is very Love Is Blind heavy and contain multiple combustible elements. Picture a show with Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey from season 3, reunited. How about Paul Peden, Irina Solomonova, Micah Lussier and Micah’s toxic friend Shelby Tschohl, Marshall Glaze and his cousin Justin Glaze? Too Hot To Handle stars Dominique Defoe and Nigel Jones in the mix as well? And, Love Is Blind Season 6 fan favorite Trevor Sova may get another crack at love, too? This season will make season 1 look tame by comparison.

Fans Believe Jessica Is Dating Harry Jowsey: Are They Dating Now?

Considering the amount of couple swapping on Perfect Match it would be weird if Harry and Jessica didn’t connect. We have photos compiled by Story Time With Rikkii  of them getting intimate in the water in Tulum, Mexico, the setting for Perfect Match Season 2. But, what we don’t have is a confirmation of them actually dating or the depth of this relationship. The two don’t currently follow each other on Instagram, if that means anything. That said, Harry did say in a podcast in October 2023 he just broke up with a single mom.

“I was in a really good relationship which ended a couple weeks ago, and we were talking about kids, ’cause she had a kid. And it was really exciting,” Harry told the hosts of podcast Back To Reality.


Well looky what we have here!?? Harry Jowsey & Jess from Love Is Blind Season 6 were spotted together. No dates on when these were taken but Perfect Match filmed in Sept 2023 and looks like they made a connection on the show? What do you guys think of this tea!? ??? #harryjowsey #jessloveisblind #loveisblindtok #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason6 #loveisblindcharlotte

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However deep they went, fans have lost whatever leftover goodwill they had for Jessica for getting involved with Harry at all. Natural-Career-1623 goes exactly where you’d expect with, “And her poor daughter seeing all of this ? Shameful & disgusting.” Harry is getting ripped as well, as Novamarie2020 lets loose with “Harry Jowsey is rated E for everyone!!!!” As we await Perfect Match Season 2, the marketing is clearly taking care of itself.

In the end, the two most definitely broke up. Jessica hinted she’s dating a Love Is Blind season 6 cast member named Ariel Gomeraz now.

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