Love Is Blind: Meet Cole’s New Girlfriend According To Fan Theory

Love Is Blind: Meet Cole's New Girlfriend According To Fan Theory

Love Is Blind season 3 fans are scouring social media to find clues to which couples got married, are still together or split. Most cast members have been pretty good at not spilling the tea, but zany Cole Barnett might’ve slipped up. Viewers of the Netflix hit reality TV show found Instagram and TikTok posts that may confirm Cole’s new girlfriend after likely breaking up with Zanab Jaffrey on Love Is Blind season 3. Fans found Cole making videos with the same headboard and dog as Dallas-Fort Worth realtor Karlee Garcia.

Love Is Blind Star Cole Barnett's Possible Girlfriend Karlee Celebrating Her Birthday

Love Is Blind star Cole Barnett’s possible girlfriend Karlee turned 25 years-old in late October (Instagram).

Adding to the circumstantial evidence, Karlee’s tagged in a video of Cole and another guy performing a “midnight dance party”. Also dancing is Karlee’s Goldendoodle dog, Bowie. The other two friends tagged in the September video are in a relationship. Cole also tagged Karlee in another video where he’s paddle boarding with her dog Bowie and pictures of him with friends. And, with an update, on Nov. 17 Cole posted dog pics on Instagram with what looks like Bowie.

Cole Holding Karlee's Dog Bowie While Paddle Boarding

Cole holding friend or girlfriend Karlee’s dog Bowie (Instagram).

Love Is Blind Star Cole Paddle Boarding With Friends & Possible Girlfriend Karlee

Love Is Blind season 3 star Cole paddle boarding with friends and possible girlfriend Karlee (Instagram).

Cole, age 27, and Karlee may just be friends, however there’s more evidence pointing to the possibility they’re dating. A Love Is Blind season 3 super sleuth on Reddit matched Karlee’s bed’s headboard to the same model in a recent TikTok video Cole posted. Karlee’s dog also jumps on Cole who is in bed in the video.

Cole's Possible Girlfriend Karlee's IG Post Of Bedroom

Cole’s possible girlfriend Karlee doing work in her bedroom (Instagram).

Love Is Blind star Cole playing with what looks like Karlee's dog Bowie in what appears to be her bed (TikTok).

Love Is Blind star Cole playing with what looks like Karlee’s dog Bowie in what appears to be her bed (TikTok).

Love Is Blind Fans Think Cole’s Possible New Girlfriend Better Suited For Him

A lot of Love Is Blind fans commenting on Cole’s possible new relationship think Karlee is a better match. A lot of fans believe Cole needs a younger girl as they think he still needs to mature. Karlee is two years younger than Cole.

Karlee, before getting into real estate like Cole, was an elementary school teacher. She went to college at Texas A&M University where she was a sorority girl. She’s also quite close with her family, including her brother, who’s a professional golf player. Like Cole, Karlee Garcia’s Instagram shows she puts a lot of value into her Christian faith and family.

Before getting engaged to Zanab, Cole was previously divorced his ex-wife Catey Benson.

The new comes after fans were just beginning to think Cole and Zanab might still be together. Cole posted several romantic photos and video of the reality TV engaged couple. He also put in mushy and affectionate captions, suggesting they were still in love. Zanab played along, coining the couple nickname Cozé. It also looked like Cole was wearing a wedding ring in a Love Is Blind season 3 reunion photo (if you zoom in).

However, the reunion preview makes it look like Zanab, 32, might chew out Cole. Perhaps there’s more than just him calling her bipolar, rating her a nine, and hitting on love-interest Colleen Reed. Fans will have to wait until the Love Is Blind season 3 finale and reunion episodes drop on Netflix to find out what happened to Cole and Zanab at their wedding. Also, Cole will likely let fans know if he’s actually dating the new girl in his life, Karlee Garcia.

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