Perfect Match: Did Joey & Kariselle Get Married After Getting Engaged On Show

Perfect Match: Did Joey & Kariselle Get Married After Getting Engaged On Show

Perfect Match‘s final four episodes dropped and a bombshell plot twist happened. The Circle season 1 champion Joey Sasso gained the courage to drop to one knee and propose to Kariselle Snow (Sexy Beasts). The cute couple sparked rumors they may still be together after Perfect Match with some photos on social media. But now fans want to know did Joey and Karislle get married after leaving the Panamanian villa.

Did Perfect Match Couple Kariselle and Joey Get Married After The Show Ended?

UPDATE: Joey spoke to Variety and confirmed the couple split a few months after Perfect Match ended filming.

“Relationships in general are extremely difficult and it’s hard to sit here and say exactly what happened because it’s extremely personal between the both of us. We have so much in common, but I just think that we really tried to do everything we could to work on everything. We both had the best of intentions, but we have a lot of differences that separate us with the things that we want and the way that we feel about each other… That chapter of my life is over,” Joey said in the interview on Thursday, March 2.

However, there were plenty of signs Joey and Kariselle broke up before he spoke out.

Recent photos from Kariselle’s Instagram suggests they broke off the wedding. In her newest posts there’s no engagement ring on her left hand, let alone her ring finger. On top of that, singer-songwriter Kariselle recently posted a video on IG of her singing “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato with a caption that might reference her and Joey breaking up.

Kariselle singing sad, brooding Demi Lovato song Stone Cold recently, suggesting her and Joey may have ended their engagement

Kariselle singing sad, brooding Demi Lovato song “Stone Cold” recently, foreshadowing her and Joey ending their engagement (Instagram).

“Singing is literally my therapy,” Kariselle wrote in the caption. In the music video she doesn’t have an engagement ring on.

Joey’s TikTok (he had to start a new one after his old account got deleted) shows a recent video of him without a ring on either.

Perfect Match star Joey in a TikTok video without a wedding ring

Perfect Match star Joey in a recent video without a wedding ring on (TikTok).

With that said, there was still a chance the pair did secretly get married or were still engaged until Joey confirmed the breakup. Netflix usually orders couples keep their relationships secret before a show is fully released. Just look at Colby and Madlyn from The Ultimatum. Also, Joey still has a photo on Instagram of him and Kariselle celebrating his first year of sobriety. However, Kariselle doesn’t have any pictures of Joey. On top of that, Joey’s been hanging out with other female influencers last fall, after filming Perfect Match, suggesting maybe he’s dating again.

Joey's fashion model friend Alana Duval, who some fans speculate Joey may be dating after a suspected breakup with Kariselle

Joey’s fashion model friend Alana Duval, who some fans speculate Joey may be dating after a suspected breakup with Kariselle (Instagram). Joey does love blondes.

Joey's friend and former The Circle co-star Miranda Bissonnette

Joey’s friend and former The Circle co-star Miranda Bissonnette (Instagram).

Joey admits he’s been dating other people since the show aired, but didn’t elaborate on who.

Despite all the evidence suggesting a Perfect Match is scripted, staged and fake, Joey and Kariselle’s engagement appeared authentic and spontaneous. Joey even called his mom and told her the big news while filming. Fans can check that out by watching in the credits of Perfect Match‘s season finale. And Joey denies he faked anything.

“Not being together shows how real it was because, let’s just be completely honest, if we were going to fake it, this would be the time to fake it, while the show’s airing. If you look at shows like The Bachelor, it’s not a coincidence that everyone’s engaged, happy and in love, and then six months after the show, every single one breaks up or ends their engagement. I’m not a person who’s going to fake something for a show. I just always try to lead with my best foot forward,” Joey told Variety.

There’s still some hope for the on-again-off-again couple getting married though. Kariselle shared on her Instagram an article about her astrological compatibility with Joey.

Fans will have to wait to see if Perfect Match (likely) has a reunion episode where we can find out more about how Joey and Kariselle’s relationship and dreams of a wedding day fell apart. We’re guessing Joey still had commitment issues.

“I never went out of my way to ever try and hurt somebody. Sometimes when you’re in a new relationship with someone, it feels great. Sometimes you come down from that and it isn’t it for you. All I can ever try to do is be honest about that,” Joey said about his breakup with Kariselle.

Kariselle hasn’t spoken publicly about the breakup yet. However, she did a podcast with Zachary Reality that drops Monday, March 6th.

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