Jewish Matchmaking: How Much Aleeza’s Fees Cost Clients

Jewish Matchmaking: How Much Aleeza's Fees Cost Clients

Netflix’s latest reality TV show Jewish Matchmaking is starting to heat up on the streaming giant’s charts and fans want to know how much Aleeza’s fees cost her clients. Matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom has been participating in Shidduchim (Hebrew word for Orthodox Jewish matchmaking) for over a decade. Over that time, Aleeza’s helped thousands of clients improve their lives as a life coach and set up over 200 couples who got married under the chuppah. All that success and she can charge clients a pretty penny (or shekels) for her services to help them in their pursuit to find their soulmate.

Jewish Matchmaking: How Much Aleeza’s Fees Cost Clients

Aleeza’s website reveals that the Jewish matchmaker charges a range of fees for an array of services. Those wanting clarity on a previously failed relationship or their relationship with a current partner can pay $997 USD for her Soulmate Clarity one-on-one session. Aleeza charges nothing in her partnership with jmatchmaking. Eligible Jewish singles can sign up for free on there to potentially match with paying clients.

However, for the same services as seen on Jewish Matchmaking, things get a lot more expensive. In cases where Aleeza picks prospective suitable partners for her clients to go out on dates with, rates climb. Aleeza’s Executive Matchmaking and Curated Connections package makes it clear clients can pay a minimum of $3,000. Clients can pay up to $50,000 for her one-on-one matchmaking services, according her survey.

In comparison, Indian Matchmaking star Sima Taparia charges clients an estimated $6,100. For those looking for a more frugal way to have guidance in finding love, they can listen to Aleeza’s podcast for free. Her Instagram account offers a wealth of relationship wisdom. Meanwhile, Aleeza’s books ($23.57 in paperback) for guidance, including Get Real Get Married and Virtual Dating are also a cheaper route for bookworms out there. (Show Star News makes a commission on any sales made from affiliate links in this article.)

Do Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking Cast Members Pay For Aleeza’s Matchmaker Services?

Indian Matchmaking cast members already revealed on that show they do not pay the fee for Sima Aunty to set them up on blind dates. Considering Jewish Matchmaking has a similar production as Indian Matchmaking, there’s little doubt the Jewish Matchmaking cast members are footing the bill for Aleeza Ben Shalom’s matchmaking services.

Instead, Netflix, like in the case of Indian Matchmaking, pays the matchmaking fees for the cast. It also helps why the success rate of the matchmakers is so abysmal on the shows: the cast members aren’t financially invested and ofter appear to go on the show for fame, not love.

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