Indian Matchmaking: How Much Sima Taparia’s Fees Cost

Indian Matchmaking: How Much Sima Taparia's Fees Cost

Professional matchmaker Sima Taparia is playing Cupid once again for single Indians across the globe in Indian Matchmaking season 3, and Netflix viewers wonder how much she charges for her high-end spousal-searching services. Although Sima Aunty doesn’t have the best record on the show helping her clients find their soulmates, she can only do so much with what she’s working with. Her business Suitable Rishta pulls out all the stops to try and find matches for her wealthy clients wanting to find love, as well as starting a family. So, how much does Sima Taparia’s fees cost exactly?

How Much Indian Matchmaking Star Sima Taparia’s Fees Cost Her Clients (& Their Parents)

Sima Taparia will travel all over the world to help her fellow Indians find a suitable spouse. She gives her clients much-needed coaching on how to settle down, while also referring clients to psychologists, face readers, astrologers and other specialists to help speed along the marriage process. Sima Aunty also painstakingly creates biodatas (a spousal resume, basically) to give bachelors and bachelorettes an idea of their prospective partners before going on a date with them. With all that in mind, and including Sima’s big reputation in Mumbai and around the world for helping Indian parents in dire need of a lifelong partner for their middle-aged adult children, her matchmaking services don’t come cheap.

Sima Taparia charges fees that range from 100,000 to 500,000 Indian rupees or $1,220 to $6,100 USD per month for her services. That’s a hefty chunk of change, especially when she only promises clients suitors that typically meet around 70% of the single Indian’s requirements in a partner. Furthermore, Sima typically makes that commission on both sides of the rishta or couples she pairs together. Other outlets report Sima bills as high as $8,000 per client.

Considering Sima’s growing profile since starring on Indian Matchmaking for three seasons, she likely charges even more exorbitant fees for uber wealthy singles.

However, the stars on Indian Matchmaking, according to former cast member Rupam Kaur, don’t pay any of Sima’s fees. Instead Netflix foots the bill and the cast members don’t pay at all. Rupam found an even cheaper way to find her husband and start a family, though. She ended up finding the love of the life, and the father of her child, through dating app Bumble. Meanwhile, Sima Taparia is tinkering away and is going to imminently release her own Sima matchmaking dating app. Interested Indian Matchmaking fans who are single can signup on the Sima’s waitlist.

Sima Declines Working With Some Prospective Clients Willing To Pay Her High Fees

Despite Sima Aunty’s hefty matchmaking fees, she still rejects potential clients willing to pay. Sima first needs to get to know the prospective client and their family, before she agrees to help them. She told Today she needs to look people in the eye before deciding whether or not to work with them.

“I have a unique way of working, I don’t work for any client with whom, personally, I don’t have any eye contact. I go meet [them], see their house, how they are living, I see their business, I ask the criterias [for their match], all the definitions, what you want, what type of partner you want,” Sima told the news outlet.

“When somebody gives me their biodata, I don’t accept without seeing [them in person]. Without eye connection, I don’t feel like working and I don’t get the confidence. That’s my goodwill. That has taken me to the great heights.”

We’ll have to wait for Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking coming out on May 3, 2023, to see if matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom charges similar rates to her Jewish clients.

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