Rushali From Indian Matchmaking: Everything To Know

Rushali From Indian Matchmaking: Everything To Know

Beauty queen Rushali Rai returned to Indian Matchmaking season 3 from season 1, still unlucky in love. This season, we finally got a sense of what was stopping her. We learned that there was a wall that she had built up between herself and her feelings. In keeping with the somewhat controversial theme of the season, Rushali needed to learn to ask her partner for what she needed instead of expecting things to be perfect. Considering that she had been rejected by the obsessive perfectionistic Pradhyuman Maloo in season 1, building a wall is understandable. However we learned that this tendency of hers is the result of her parents’ awful fights growing up. Let’s break down the walls some more on who is Rushalie from Indian Matchmaking — everything to know.

Rushali From Indian Matchmaking: Age, Birthday, Beauty Queen Titles, Dancing Skills, Movie & TV Roles

Rushali from Indian Matchmaking in designer clothes modeling

Rushali from Indian Matchmaking season 3 in designer clothes modeling (Instagram).

28-year-old Rushali is a headstrong and single-minded Taurus, with a birthday of May the 19. We know from the show that she can be an aggressive tomboy and, according to her friends, “the goddess of love.” This speaks to her being unattainable, but her desire to provide for her parents is definitely worthy of praise. She’s also an extremely dedicated model, being a former Miss New Delhi, Miss Femina India 2015, and a runner up on season 1 of India’s Next Top Model. 

Rushali has also starred in the 2002 film Sorry Day in the role of Disha. She’s a skilled dancer and is especially skilled in Salsa and Samba dancing. We’ve also heard about her poetry skills on the show, but unfortunately, we can’t find any on Rushali’s Instagram. Her date with Pradhyuman was the first one she had been on in five years. After that, Sima Taparia set her up with filmmaker Tushar Tyagi, but things fell apart when Tushar made it clear that he prefers independence from his parents.

Indian Matchmaking: Everything To Know About Rushali — Inter-Caste Drama

Indian Matchmaking star Rushali doesn't post a lot of poetry these days, but mostly stunning photos of herself modeling

Indian Matchmaking star Rushali doesn’t post a lot of poetry these days, but mostly stunning photos of herself modeling (Instagram).

The source of Rushali’s self-sabotage in love is the tense relationship between her parents. It took the intervention of skilled psychologist Dr. Varkha Chulani to draw this out. (By the way, Dr. Chulani is not just a “life coach” as she was billed on the show.) However fans may have had trouble with the cultural nuance of Rushali’s parents being inter-caste, and why this caused so much stress at home. This Reddit thread mentions that her mother is from Bengal and her father is Rajput, or from Rajasthan.

These two states of India have some pretty significant differences. Bengal is in the east of India, while Rajasthan is in the north. There is a lot of traffic back and forth between the two locations. According to this thread, Bengal is much less traditional and more liberal. We heard how Rushali was sent away to a boarding school because these differences led to very intense fights between her parents. Also, Rushali believes she must take care of her parents and be close to them. Some commenters say this is a common expectation of Indian children. But Rushali may still be scared her parents will leave or split if she doesn’t constantly check in.

Despite being an elite model and obviously very wealthy, Rushali is a lot more down to earth than some of the other participants. If she can open herself up, hopefully she should find her life partner quickly.

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