Below Deck: Who’s The Dad Of Kate Chastain’s Baby

Below Deck: Who's The Dad Of Kate Chastain's Baby

Below Deck fans were thrilled to hear Kate Chastain announce her pregnancy this past week. The fan-favorite chief stew did an exclusive interview with People and posted an Instagram picture showing off her baby bump. She also revealed her due date is May 8, 2023, and she’s always wanted to be a mom. However, fans were left wondering who’s Kate Chastain’s baby’s dad?

Bravo’s kingpin Andy Cohen joked he’s the father when Kate appeared on Watch What Happens Live the same day of the announcement to talk about it briefly with her good friend.

“This is such a new and special experience, so I’m really being protective of what I share publicly, but with new episodes of Below Deck Galley Talk about to air on Bravo after Christmas and The Traitors premiering on Peacock on Jan. 12, 2023, there’s just no hiding my baby bump any longer!” Kate said the day she announced the big news.

“Should we announce now that I’m the father?” Andy wisecracked on his show. “This happened to us at BravoCon. It was a sloppy night after the legends ball.”

Andy, who’s gay, is the happy dad of his own two kids. “You’re going to be a great mom,” Cohen told Kate. Kate did a great job hiding her pregnancy and smaller baby bump while interviewing stars at BravoCon 2022, She even interviewed her old boss, Captain Lee Rosbach.

Although the October BravoCon 2022 baby conception timeline doesn’t add up for when Kate’s expecting, the two friends also went yachting together earlier this year.

Kate Chastain Yachting With Andy Cohen & Other Bravolebs

Kate Chastain yachting with Andy Cohen and other Bravolebs earlier this year (Instagram).

Below Deck Fans Are Guessing Who’s Kate Chastain’s Baby’s Dad

Below Deck Stars Kate Chastain & Chef Ben Robinson On Galley Talk

Below Deck stars Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson on Galley Talk. They have a new season together coming out in 2023 (Bravo).

Kate has stayed mum on who’s the father of her unborn child when she made the announcement Tuesday. The reality TV star hasn’t been in a public relationship for years, so fans believe its likely she conceived via artificial insemination and a sperm donor.

A lot of fans are hoping Kate’s former Below Deck co-star and previous brief flame Chef Ben Robinson is the biological dad. The two had an undeniable on-air chemistry of equal parts bickering and flirting in the galleys of superyachts. The on-air compatibility of their witty barbs at one another landed them a gig as commentators together again on Below Deck Galley Talk.

Kate Chastain Shows Off Her Baby Bump After Announcing Her Pregnancy

Below Deck star Kate Chastain shows off her baby bump after announcing she’s expecting in the spring of 2023 (Instagram).

“Low key hoping Chef Ben is the dad… Congratulations!!” said one fan on Instagram.

“Baby Ben?” another Below Deck fan asked.

“The kid is Captain Lee’s,” unseriously chimed in another fan.

Chef Ben and Kate added fuel to the fire of speculation on an episode of Galley Talk in Feb. 2023. “You’re giving very good dad energy,” Kate told Ben.

“I think you are rubbing off on me,” Ben responded.

Chef Ben started dating model Kiara Cabral back in early 2020, but they appear to have split by the lack of any pictures with her on his Instagram. However, it’s unlikely Ben and Kate are together or he agreed to be the father. Fans have noted he doesn’t even follow her on IG anymore. Fans also noticed that Kate has an wedding ring on in her latest picture and may either be engaged or married to a mystery man. That said, Kate told Andy Cohen on the after show that she’s raising the kid on her own.

So it’s highly unlikely Chef Ben whipped up some of his baby batter for his friend Kate’s oven.

Meanwhile, Below Deck stars and other Bravolebs are congratulating Kate on her pregnancy.

What Kate Chastain Has Been Up To Since Below Deck

After hanging up her epaulettes at the end of Below Deck season 7, Kate said her main goal was to become financially independent and set for life. She invested heavily in cryptocurrency over the past several years. On top of that, she moved to NYC for a time to start her radio show titled Unapologetically Kate Chastain on SiriusXM. The pandemic hit around the time and she didn’t like recording from home and eventually scrapped the project. She also founded her own production company, Remotely Possible Productions, and helped produce Bravo’s Chat Room, which eventually was canceled. The serial entrepreneur also created a not-for-profit upscale thrift store Genesis Boutique store based in Melbourne, Florida

Kate’s also starred in Peacock’s The Traitors, a competition show all about subterfuge, similar to Netflix’s reboot of The Mole. The new show premieres on Peacock on Jan. 12.

She eventually moved back to Florida and lives with her Havanese dog Halo. Kate also appears to have fulfilled her goal of becoming financially comfortable. She now drives a beautiful light-blue Porsche.

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