Chef Rachel Is Trashing Bravo & Below Deck, Breaking Silence

Chef Rachel Is Trashing Bravo & Below Deck, Breaking Silence

Mercurial Below Deck season 10 star Chef Rachel Hargove is back talking smack about her former show’s production team and the reality TV network Bravo. Since the latest season of the hit yachtie soap opera drama started airing, the five-star chef has kept her sharpened knives back in their block. Now Chef Rachel is trashing Below Deck and Bravo yet again with pointed attacks on Twitter and Reddit.

In the middle of 2022, Chef Rachel bashed Bravo and Below Deck in a series of tweets. She announced she was quitting the show and dropping out of BravoCon. The last straw for the reality TV star took place after she met fellow Bravolebrity Austen Kroll from Southern Charm, who apparently was very rude to her. She called him a “narcissistic [bleep]” and said she was “done with the bullies in TV”. She leaked text messages between her and a Bravo PR representative telling her to withdraw her public comments. Chef Rachel also blasted the low pay on Below Deck and said she hates the show.

To cap things off, the intrepid redheaded chef started a subreddit where she dished more on the fakeness of the show.

The fiery and talented chef finally broke her two-month Twitter silence on Groundhog Day, confirming she still has disdain for Bravo.

Chef Rachel Breaks Twitter Silence & Further Explains Why She Quit Below Deck On Reddit

Chef Rachel on Below Deck season 10

Chef Rachel on Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

“I am a BIG fan of Jim Hensons Muppets! And I have always wanted to see The Muppets on Broadway… but now I will just have to settle for The Muppets on Bravo,” Chef Rachel tweeted.

The latest cutting dig at the network comes a couple weeks after she started trashing Below Deck again on Reddit. She made it clear she was too busy to watch the show, continuing work on yachts in the Caribbean as well as private events for high-end clients.

“Behind the scenes… Everyone thinking that I told bravo to [bleep] off because of the [bleep] on southern charm is wrong,” Chef Rachel clarified in a post. “It’s because of the show and production and the dysfunctional [bleep] I told them to shove it. The show is allegedly a reality show… but for me I am an actual yacht chef. There is nothing real or organic about this show. Also breaking the 4th wall with cast is [unacceptable]. The [bleep] that these producers blow so much smoke up your [bleep] and poke and prod to get a response from cast. Now there are a bunch of [bleeps] talking [bleep] to keep themselves relevant in Bravos dysfunctional eyes. It’s so funny how they are suckling from the [bleep] of a hit show but couldn’t pull their own ratings.”

She then signed off the post by saying, “So once again….. [bleep] them! I stand by my decision to never film with them again.”

Many Below Deck fans were sad to find out they’ll never see their favorite yacht chef back on the show. But they hope another TV network will give her her own show.

Chef Rachel previously alluded to some of the Bravo and Below Deck shenanigans when she went on Another Below Deck Podcast. However, she still hasn’t dished on many specific details about her grievances with the show’s production.

However, Chef Rachel did allude to how they may have tripped up her cooking performance with shoddy, late food provisioning.

“They delivered the fish and many other products that were off this season. Along with delivering food at 10 AM, 2 hours before guest arrival with no prep time.”

On Below Deck season 10 the show edits appear to show Chef Rachel struggling to serve meals on time on many charters. However, recent Primary Charter Guest Adam Sax still raved about her food.

Below Deck season 10 fans can’t wait for Chef Rachel to serve more spicy hot dishes of revenge.

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