What Happened To Kate Chastain After Below Deck Season 7

What Happened To Kate Chastain After Below Deck Season 7

Fan-favorite Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain entertained Below Deck fans for six seasons with her witty banter, intense attitude, hard work, clever observations, on-camera chemistry with Captain Lee Rosbach, and her fights with crazy yacht chefs. But the Queen of the Sea reached the end of her rope after Below Deck season 7. She faced unwanted aggressive advances from Bosun Ashton Pienaar. Kate faced sand-kicking from Chef Kevin Dobson. She played along with incessant flirtations from Tanner Sterback. And Kate also got called, unironically, a “b****” by Brian de Saint Pern. However, Kate didn’t quit the show just because of the Bru Crew. The Below Deck queen chief stewardess had been alluding she was tiring of working in the industry as she got older. So, what happened to Kate Chastain after Below Deck season 7? Here’s everything fans need to know.

What Happened To Chief Stew Kate Chastain After Below Deck

Kate worked in the yachting industry for six years prior to landing the job as chief stewardess on Below Deck in season 2. She replaced Adrienne Gang, who Kate said was terrible at her job. She watched in the first season while working on a yacht, deciding then she, a longtime Bravo viewer, would take Adrienne’s job. In early 2020, Kate announced she was stepping back from starring in the Below Deck franchise to focus on other life pursuits and make herself financially independent.

Kate’s new adventure after Below Deck season 7 included moving to New York City from Florida to start a radio show titled Unapologetically Kate Chastain on SiriusXM. However, the pandemic hit and Kate wasn’t a fan of performing live radio from her home during lockdowns. She explained the ordeal to her good friend, Summer House star and comedian Hannah Berner’s podcast Berning In Hell. By the end of the year it appeared Kate already grew homesick and moved back to Florida, where she grew up as her dad and grandfather (first astronaut doctor) both worked for NASA. She lives with her Havanese dog Halo and her beautiful light blue Porsche.

Kate Remains Good Friends With Andy Cohen, Captain Lee, Ben Robinson & Other Below Deck Alum

Although the radio show gig didn’t work out, Kate still works for “His Majesty Andy Cohen” and Bravo by starring on Below Deck Galley Talk with former co-star Chef Ben Robinson. On the show, Kate gets to do her favorite and most talented part of the Below Deck job: clever commentary on the stupid misbehavior of yachties and charter guests. It also helps that Ben has an equally sharp tongue to riff with.

Kate also still appears from time to time on friend and reality TV mogul Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. She makes appearances on various podcasts, too.

After Kate left serving on Below Deck, she said she would work to become financially independent. “I invest in a lot of Crypto,” Kate answered Below Deck Med star Malia White, on her podcast Total Ship Show, when asked what she currently does for work in 2021.

Kate’s Twitter, besides including funny social commentary, also displayed her passion for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. She also invests in NFTs. Kate likely made well over $100,000 per season on Below Deck as one of its stars, she to live in luxury, but she wants to continue to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Kate appears to be pretty good friends with Andy Cohen, hanging out on a yacht with him and other Bravolebs. It looks like her dream of one day being the one served on a yacht have finally come true.

Kate also became very good friends with Captain Lee over the years working on superyachts together. She speaks to Captain Lee once a week and sees him as a father figure in her life. She often visits the Stud of the Sea and his wife at their home in Fort Lauderdale.

Although Kate and Ben didn’t work out romantically, the two still get along well and remain friends.

Kate is also still close with Below Deck stew alum Josiah Carter and Courtney Skippon.

Kate also continues to be a boss after Below Deck. She manages the not-for-profit upscale thrift store Genesis Boutique store based in Melbourne, Florida. She also founded her own production company, Remotely Possible Productions. Kate worked as an executive producer on the defunct show Bravo’s Chat Room, too.

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