BB 25: Who Are Jared’s Nominations For Eviction On Week 7

BB 25: Who Are Jared's Nominations For Eviction On Week 7

Big Brother 25‘s flipped vote to take out Izzy Gleicher shocked the arrogant flautist and fans alike. For most of Week 6, fans and the house thought Felicia Cannon was getting evicted. But Izzy did too much talking, especially to ally Cory Wurtenberger, which ultimately was her undoing. During the wall competition, Jared Fields hung on for dear life knowing he and his mom Cirie Fields were in danger after losing a lot of their allies in the house. He finally won an HOH competition on his own merit, though. So, who are Jared’s nominations for eviction on Week 7?

Jared’s number one target should be Cameron Hardin for attacking two of his allies last week. However, showmance couple America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger flipping the vote got his attention. Furthermore, him and Jag Bains have argued recently, and he knows Jag found out about him lying about his mom telling him about Matt Klotz‘s secret invincibility power. Speaking of Matt, he also has realized how Jared was using him and apparently taking advantage of his disability according to live feed conversations. So, Jared’s list of enemies is growing in the house. But who should his main targets be?

Who Are Jared’s Nominations For Eviction On The Block For Week 7 Of BB 25

Jared’s nominees for the block were decided on Friday evening at the nomination ceremony. Talk on the live feeds had narrowed down who Jared was planning to put on the block for possible eviction. Superfans listened to Jared’s conversations on Thursday night in the HOH room in confidence with allies and thought he was nominating Cory and Jag, but things changed after Jared slept on it.

Twitter/X superfans were convinced, though.

By Friday evening Jared changed his mind to instead put up Cory and America. Cory and Jared fought eviction day when Jared found out Cory had flipped the house to vote against his secret buddy Izzy.

Apparently America finds it hot that she’s on the block with her showmance boyfriend. If Cory or America gets taken off the block, Jared has said he’ll backdoor Cameron, which is his plan all along apparently. The Power of Veto competition included Bowie Jane, Jag and Cameron all competing, too. Cirie told Jared if Cameron won she wanted him to put her up on the block as a sacrifice to reset his game. Thankfully that scenario was avoided by the Veto player selections. In the end Jag won the POV. He’s intending to use it on one of his two allies, and was leaning towards taking America off the block. However, on Monday, September 18, Jag took Cory off the block. Jared then put up Cameron as the replacement nominee.

So, it looks like after all of his tenacious gameplay and becoming a comp beast, Week 7 will most likely be the end of the road for Cameron.

Meanwhile, Jared doesn’t know that his showmance girlfriend Blue Kim is secretly plotting against him. Apparently she’s sick of being talked down to and demeaned by him. Blue probably didn’t like hearing about Jared’s “person” or girlfriend of the past seven years either. Cory and Jared’s friendship certainly looks dead now, too. Both are accusing each other of lying to each other. Which is funny because the whole game is premised on everyone lying to each other constantly.

Meanwhile, fans can read on Izzy’s full interview with Julie Chen Moonves here.

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