Who Wins HOH On Big Brother 25 On Week 7 Tonight

Who Wins HOH On Big Brother 25 On Week 7 Tonight

After Izzy Gleicher was blindsided by the Big Brother 25 house and evicted out, Julie Chen Moonves informed the houseguests they’d be playing in the classic wall HOH competition. Outgoing HOH Cameron Hardin used his time in power to go after the established power in the house. But he wouldn’t be able to compete in the latest HOH competition. So, who wins HOH on Big Brother 25 on week 7 tonight?

Less than an hour into the competition of holding onto the moving wall there was a winner. Jared Fields finally won a competition on his own merit and became Head of Household for the second time in the competition.

Felicia Cannon cackled and was thrilled when Jared won. Bowie Jane was the last other houseguest to fall. Jared’s mom and four-time Survivor competitor Cirie Fields also was thrilled to know she’d be safe this week. Fans suspect Mecole Hayes will also be protected this week because she’s close with Felicia and Cirie, they have a Brown Sugar Babes alliance.

A lot of fans on Twitter/X were not happy Jared won HOH again. A lot of fans wanted him expelled from the game for using the r-word. BB 25 fans also didn’t like his shaming his showmance girlfriend Blue Kim, either. Cameron and Jag Bains also looked dejected when they say Jared win because they’re two likely targets to go on the block.

Fans were at least glad Jared almost certainly won’t be eligible to be HOH for the double eviction. Although the rules keep getting changed for the 25th anniversary’s edition of Big Brother, so who know what will happen.

Fans also are accusing Jared of likely cheating on his girlfriend of the past seven years.

However, fans think Jared could want to target Cory and America Lopez now that they flipped the vote to evict Izzy.

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