Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Couples: Who’s Still Together

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Couples: Who's Still Together & Broke Up After Show

The season finale dropped Friday, July 28, and it’s time to look at what happened to the Too Hot To Handle season 5 couples after they left the show’s cameras. The odds were not great for the Too Hot To Handle Season 5 couples when we consider the track record of past seasons. Only two couples who made it off the previous four shows are still together today. Seb Melrose and Kayla Richart from Too Hot To Handle season 4 are still together despite a previous breakup. Emily Miller and Cam Holmes from season 2 have also beaten a cheating scandal perpetrated by Cam. But even if any of season 5’s couples did make it, we can expect nothing but drama as they do. Let’s take a closer look at Too Hot To Handle season 5: who’s still together and broken up after the show.

We’re seriously hoping nobody is holding out for an LTR from this group. If they aren’t standing around doing nothing, they’re in a questionable situationship showmance draped in giant red flags. We can expect one or two to make it to the “heights” of being a Netflix reality-verse regular. It’s a path followed by Chloe Veitch, Francesca Farago, Harry Jowsey, Georgia Hassarati and Melinda Melrose. But most of these cast members aren’t driven/shameless/reckless enough to last at that level either. While we ponder why anyone would subject themselves to this, let’s review how things stand for the THTH season 5 couples and singles.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Who’s Still Together? Louis and Christine

This couple had trouble written all over it. When we last left these two trust-challenged individuals, Louis Russell was sweating yet again. He’d groped Linzy Luu’s breasts during their date and was going with his usual plan of trying to poker face through it. Christine Obanor suspected something is up, and it’s not just her own massive trust issues that were flaring up here. Linzy was probably not cruel enough to drop the truth bomb on Christine right then and there in front of everyone. However Christine wasn’t satisfied until she found out the truth and when she did, Louis was toast.

Don’t forget that Louis wasn’t able to hide a single one of his misdeeds, and it cost him one chance with Hannah Brooke. Although, getting clear of Hannah was likely the smartest thing Louis has done yet.

Verdict: Come on! These two don’t even expect each other to be serious. They definitely broke up before the end of the show or shortly thereafter. And we now have confirmation from Christine that the distance was way too much for them to keep going.

“I feel like Lana definitely set me up putting me to connect with someone who lives across the world, so obviously based on our circumstances and our differences in age and maturity, we felt it was best to just leave a friendship between us,” Christine said to The Daily Mail. “We still do have a great connection and I still say he’s my twin flame, the way we connect is like no other.”

At least the two can also take solace in the fact they both rank near the highest of the cast for Instagram follower count.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Who’s Still Together? Dre and Linzy

Everyone loves a good cop gone bad scenario, and it’s a needed twist for this tired season. Dre Woodard making a move on Linzy was exactly what he needed to have a prayer of winning. Plus, he was smooth as butter talking Linzy into dating outside her comfort zone. Nobody’s mad at Dre for doing what a man’s gotta do, but he and Linzy are deeply untested. Plus Linzy makes a point of always getting what she wants, and what she wants is Louis. With yet another ticking time bomb about to go off in Louis-land (see above), the bad boy all the girls want could be single again in short order. Dre’s loving the attention he’s getting for his rule break, but you won’t see a single comment on his newest TikTok from Ms. Luu.

Verdict: Nice try Dre but this is another example of Detective Dre failing to secure the conviction. Dre and Luu weren’t even really into each other on the show, so this relationship went nowhere fast. As it happened, Dre admitted he was just pursuing Linzy because his ego had taken a hit. This didn’t stop him from sharing the prize with Elys.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Who’s Still Together? Alex and Elys

The English knight in shining armor Alex Snell and his golden lady love Elys Hutchinson beat the trust test. They got the green light when they finally got over themselves and opened up to one another. But there was trouble in Camelot as Megan Thomson hadn’t gotten over her crush on Alex. We all saw her trying to make trouble for an already deeply troubled Alex during Elys’s time with Bryce Saltmarsh. Then we’ve got Alex’s own difficulties opening up emotionally. He had a seeming inability to say anything beyond “You look nice” to Elys. Come on buddy, serenade her or toss her a rose or something. We’re still due a showdown with Bryce, so maybe a good old trial by combat will seal the deal between these two.

Verdict: They were a very tentative maybe. We thought they were the couple with the highest probability of taking their relationship into the real world successfully. Unfortunately, while Elys and Alex did last six months in the real world, Elys revealed that they are currently single. “It was a very fun six months — very fiery and passionate. But with me traveling so much and us doing long-distance, it just didn’t work. We’re still on great terms, which is really nice,” she said in an interview.

“Right now, I’m focusing on my career. I’m in L.A. with my family and having a really good time. I’m open to going on dates, meeting people, and seeing where it goes, but I’m very happy being single and doing my own thing,” Elys said to Elite Daily.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Who’s Still Together? Hannah and Isaac

LOL no. These two are fun to watch as a male and female player but Isaac Francis switches women at the drop of a hat. Hannah has plenty of guys on the side already. No further analysis necessary. Isaac confirmed he’s more interested in his next conquest in this TikTok.

Verdict: Hell to the no. The only way these two were dating off the show is in a fake relationship for clout. And they appear to be very much single despite following each other on Instagram.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 – Other Couples?

We know that Trey Rogers was trying to send some sort of signal to Courtney Randolph while on the show. That could mean a lot of things, but it wouldn’t be happening if either was currently coupled up. Yazmin Marziali barely allows anyone else to share a photo with her, so she isn’t ready to be with anyone. Hunter LoNigro is too busy loving life, and using his fish flops to get laid, to be in a serious relationship. And Bryce Saltmarsh doesn’t seem to be interested in the concept of coupledom at all.

It looks like Love Is Blind is the show you want if you expect happy, committed couples. The show that is basically based around casual sex and temptation is pretty much set up to deliver those exact results. A perfect summer fling show even if Lana tries to block hook ups.

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