Colin & Daisy Hooked Up Well Before BDSY Season 4 Claims Chief Engineer

Colin & Daisy Hooked Up Well Before BDSY Season 4 Claims Chief Engineer

Embattled Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 star Colin MacRae finally broke his silence after the rocky two-part reunion where he and Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher verbally blasted one another over their failed, “toxic” relationship. The bickering back and forth, not helped by host Andy Cohen and the two talking over one another, convinced fans Colin cheated on Daisy and now-girlfriend Brittany Amodeo. On Instagram, Colin blasted fan attacks against him allegedly cheating on anyone and the vicious messages he’s receiving. He also let slip he and Daisy hooked up in the past before starting something in his hotel room in Italy in the leadup to BDSY season 4.

“I’ve been getting some pretty hateful, disgusting messages. One lady from New Zealand said I should stop saying I’m from New Zealand because I’m a disgusting, cheating [bleep]. Um, which is kind of mind-blowing. This is a small group of people. But as a percentage they’re small, but as a group we’re talking hundreds, or even thousands of messages. So it’s been pretty rough,” Colin said in a video message he recorded on his catamaran, Parlay Revival.

Colin addressing cheating allegations in a video

Colin addressing cheating allegations in a video (Instagram).

Chief Engineer Colin & Daisy Hooked Up Long Before BDSY Season 4

“But the thing that has been hard to take is people calling me a cheater. I can sort of probably understand how they would come to that conclusion. If you just take little soundbites from the reunion, but, yeah, I was casually seeing Britt, my videographer. Um, and we called it off because we wanted to work together and make videos, so we thought it would be best that we just don’t see each other,” Colin said.

Colin previously wrote a statement on Instagram also denying he ever cheated on Daisy or Brittany. He didn’t address Daisy accusing him of grabbing her waist and trying to kiss her at the end of a previous season and trying to initiate something with her when cameras stopped rolling both previous seasons where he had ex girlfriends.

“I then did Below Deck completely single, but I told Britt I would probably end up hooking up with Daisy, because we had already hooked up in the past,” Colin said.

Wait, hold up? On the reunion Colin claimed he started kissing Daisy in his hotel room for the first time before starting BDSY season 4 on Parsifal III in Sardinia, Italy. He’s now claiming there was a previous tryst before the two ended up hooking up in Italy on season 4. But the timeline is confusing, because Colin was often not single for long between girlfriends, so when could this have happened without Colin cheating?

“And that’s what happened. And then, you know, a few weeks after the show, all of my energy was devoted to Daisy. And it started to turn a little bit toxic, which I’m fifty percent responsible for. There’s no argument there. But then I called it off. And then, like over a month later, I started to see Britt again.”

Colin’s Story Changes On His Relationships With Daisy & Britt

Fans suspect BDSY star Colin MacRae is dating Parlay Revival crew member Brittany Amodeo after his breakup with Daisy

BDSY star Colin MacRae’s now-girlfriend Brittany Amodeo after his breakup with Daisy (Instagram).

Colin’s story again changed in his most recent statement. On the reunion he claimed he dated Daisy for about six months before breaking things off in Dec. 2022. However, his relationship timeline with Britt makes it pretty clear he and Daisy left BDSY season 4 single, he was again hooking up with Britt. He then decided to date Daisy in the middle of Sept. 2022 when he flew her to a boat show. Britt also attended the boat show with the rest of the Parlay Revival crew.

Daisy accused Colin of sleeping with Britt while the two of them were deciding whether to be together. She likely meant after the show, before they started dating again, seeing each other in LA, New York, and enjoying a romantic two-week getaway in Mexico.

“So there’s plenty of reasons to dislike me, trust me, but cheating probably isn’t one of them. I’ve never been a cheat, and never will be,” Colin said emphatically in his video addressing the breakup controversy.

“But my main point for this post is for people to have a little bit of compassion, not just for me, but for Daisy and Gary as well. There seems to now be a huge division between team Colin and team Daisy. It’s kind of pretty horrible that people have taken… sides so violently without really knowing us.”

In the meantime, Daisy revealed she blocked Colin on Instagram in her comment section after she claims he demanded she unfollow him. Leaks from filming reveal Colin isn’t part of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5 cast. Daisy and First Officer Gary King are back, and deckhand Chase Lemacks almost certainly returns later in the season.

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