BDSY: Meet Charter Guests Jill & Lorrie, Who Accused Crew Of Stealing

BDSY: Meet Charter Guests Jill & Lorrie, Who Accused Crew Of Stealing

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s fifth group of charter guests included Primary Charter Guest Jill Runnion from Lake Norman and Sunset Beach, North Carolina. The ladies spent two nights aboard Parsifal III while sailing in stunning Sardinia, Italy, despite editing cutting their appearance down to just episode 9.

“Jill is a fun-loving lady who wants to celebrate her recent retirement with her best girlfriends. Erica, Pat and Lorrie want to be treated like royalty while on board with a drunk always in hand,” Captain Glenn Shephard read from the group’s preference sheet.

“On night one the guests request a surf-and-turf dinner accompanied by a ’70s disco-themed party. On day two, the guests would like to go to a beach and play games while enjoying cocktails.”

The older ladies, some in their sixties, certainly liked the deck crew. “This is a handsome crew for sure,” chimed in one.

Meet Primary Charter Guest Jill, & Lorrie Who Accused BDSY Season 4 Crew Of Stealing Her Jewelry

Lorrie thanking the crew after they found her missing diamond necklace and earrings on BDSY season 4

Lorrie thanking the crew after they found her missing jewelry on BDSY season 4 (Bravo).

North Carolinian Jill Runnion owned a computer training company from 1986 to 1996, per her LinkedIn. After that, she started her own business as private tutor, home organizer and private tutor.

Her good friend, charter guest Lorrie Emory attended Pinellas Beauty College and runs her own skincare salon business in North Carolina. Lorrie started some drama aboard the superyacht when she informed Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher her diamond necklace and earrings were missing from her cabin’s nightstand. “Don’t you have like a video of people that are walking down here?” Lorrie asked, irritated as she began shaking from being upset. “I’m pretty responsible when it comes to my diamond necklace. And like I’m just in shock,” said Lorrie. “I mean I am shaking.”

Daisy and her stews Mads Herrera and Lucy Edmunds tore apart the cabin to find the jewelry the charter guest clearly misplaced. Sure enough, the lost necklace and earrings were found in a handbag. Lorrie sheepishly thanked them for finding the lost items but failed to say sorry.

“In the back of my mind I’m like maybe you could at least apologize to the crew,” Captain Glenn Shephard said in a confessional interview.

However, the whole controversy could’ve been cooked up by show production to add drama, which would exonerate Lorrie for her poor manners and faux accusation of crew theft.

Chase Entertains Charter Guests In The Hot Tub & Crew Gets Good Tip Money

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guests Lorrie, Jill, Pat and Erica

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guests Lorrie, Jill, Pat and Erica (Facebook).

Meanwhile, deckhand Chase Lemacks had an awkward time entertaining the senior ladies in the hot tub.

“Growing up in the South, I know what these ladies want. It’s the way I greet them. ‘Yes, ma’am. My pleasure.’ They see it as manners. I might be a little taste of home,” Chase said. The Southern charter guests talked to the South Carolinian about their dating lives as her listened uncomfortably.

Despite the inappropriate accusation of a crew member stealing jewelry, the ladies look like they left a fat tip at the very least. Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 viewers will have to watch episode 10 to find out how much they compensated the crew.

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