BDSY: How Old Is Gary? King’s Real Age & Birthday Explained

BDSY: How Old Is Gary? King's Real Age & Birthday Explained

Reality TV star and First Officer Gary King celebrated his birthday on superyacht Parsifal III while filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 and Captain Glenn Shephard joked the lascivious sailor turned 24. However, episode nine never revealed Gary’s actual age, and it turns out many news outlets have been reporting incorrect ages for the Tarzan lookalike from South Africa, reporting he’s younger than his actual age. Although Gary doesn’t change like Peter Pan when it comes to his immaturity as he gets older, which fans now find creepy when he hooks up with much younger stewardesses, he’s certainly still aging. So, how old is Gary King exactly from BDSY?

How Old Is Gary From Below Deck Sailing Yacht & When Is His Birthday

BDSY stars Daisy and Gary hug for his birthday while filming season 4

BDSY stars Daisy and Gary hug for his birthday while filming season 4 (Bravo).

At the beginning of episode nine, the show opens with flashbacks to Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2. Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher complains to stewardess Alli Dore about Gary’s immaturity hooking up with multiple female crew members. “It’s weird to meet someone, at 32 years of age, and he was in bed with another girl a week ago. [Bleeping] grow up.” BDSY season 2 filmed in the summer of 2020. Meanwhile, Gary’s birthday is on July 12, surprisingly making him a Cancer.

“We’re all 32 or 33. Like Colin, Daisy, me, Alli, Natasha, and Gary,” season 2 stew Dani Soares stated in an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet back in the spring of 2021.

Daisy wishing her co-star and possible flame Gary a happy bday

Daisy wishing her co-star Gary a happy birthday last year (Instagram).

Doing the math, that makes Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Gary King age 34. Page Six and other publications incorrectly stated he’s currently a 31-year-old.

Gary’s birthday on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, filmed in 2022, confirmed he turned age 34 in episode 10.

Despite His Older Age, Gary Acts Childish In On-Screen Love Triangle With Daisy & Colin

King in a love triangle on BDSY season 2 with Australian Alli Dore and American Sydney Zaruba

King in another love triangle back on BDSY season 2 with Australian Alli Dore and American Sydney Zaruba (Bravo).

“I want to get a girlfriend. I want to have kids soon,” Gary told Daisy on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3. “But I don’t like long-distance Daisy, so unless she’s a yachtie.”

Besides a long make-out session in the hot tub on season 3, he and Daisy hooked up outside the show, revealed by the latest Bravo preview for the rest of season 4. Daisy’s revealed in recent interviews she’s trying to become more grounded at her home in London, UK, suggesting the Irish 36-year-old may want to start a family of her own. Unfortunately, Gary appears to have led her on during her last years at a good chance of having her own family. He continued his womanizing ways on BDSY season 4. Despite sleeping with then-24-year-old Mads Herrera for weeks last charter season, King claimed to still love Daisy once she started fooling around with Chief Engineer and Gary’s good friend Colin MacRae.

King’s a year younger than Daisy, as she just celebrated turning 36. Gary will turn 35 in July 2023, perhaps while filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5. Fans will have to wait to see how the love triangle of Gary, Daisy and Colin plays out, and if Gary starts acting more like a man in his mid-thirties.

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