Who Joins Below Deck Med Season 7 Cast As Deckhand (Spoiler)

Who Joins The Below Deck Med Season 7 Crew After Raygan Is Fired

Below Deck Med season 6 Stew Courtney Veale joins the Below Deck Med season 7 crew as the new deckhand after Bosun Raygan Tyler is fired, but who is the second deckhand who joins the crew after Jason Gaskell quits (Bravo).

Captain Sandy Yarn fired Bosun Raygan Tyler on episode 5. On episode 6, Courtney Veale joined Below Deck Med season 7 as a new replacement deckhand on superyacht Home. Now, fans want to know who joins the the cast as the second new deckhand after Jason quits (or gets fired) later on in season 7.

Jason throughout the first half of the season displayed a lack of experience working on superyachts. However, that didn’t stop him from thinking he knew best and clashing with his boss, Provisional Bosun Storm Smith. On top of his attitude, Jason appears to be a humorless scold. Then there’s his insubordination, like ignoring instructions completely, telling Storm to “f*** off” after he told him he tied his bowline knot incorrectly, and taking a 45-minute break.

After all that, it’s little surprise Jason Gaskell leaves Below Deck Med season 7.

Reid Jenkins Second New Deckhand Joining Below Deck Med Season 7

Reid Jenkins is all-but-confirmed as the new replacement deckhand for when Jason quits or is fired from season 7. Reid’s Instagram shows that most of the Below Deck Med season 7 cast follow him. Furthermore, a show producer also follows him on IG. Adding to the evidence, Reid shared a photo of him vacationing in Malta, season 7’s location, shortly after the show wrapped up filming.

Finally, Reid left his previous yachting job working on superyacht Excellence at the time Jason would’ve left superyacht Home.

Reid Jenkins hails from Nashville, Tennessee, where he’s close with family and friends. He also has a girlfriend, but it’s unclear if he was single while he was on the show.

Stew Courtney Veale From Below Deck Med Season 6 Was The First New Deckhand For Season 7

Stew Courtney Veale Joins Below Deck Med Season 7 As New Deckhand

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 Stew Courtney Veale joins the season 7 crew after Bosun Raygan Tyler is fired (Instagram).

Diehard Below Deck Med fans already knew the replacement deckhand on season 7 would be Stew Courtney Veale. Photos of Courtney, now age 27, leaked of her filming in Malta on superyacht Home. Before becoming a Below Deck Med star, Courtney previously worked on yachts as either a stew or deckhand.

Fans are now wondering if Courtney’s co-star Zee Dempers can rekindle their failed romance in season 6. Back in Croatia, Zee and Courtney drunkenly made out a few times before Zee bought her flowers, which wilted the blossoming passion. Zee giggled when asked is he’s still interested in the blonde bombshell Brit in an producer interview clip on season 7. Courtney also gives Zee a lap dance on a night out in the preview of things to come this season. Courtney and Zee also fueled dating rumors when they hung out in LA for a few days together.

What Courtney Has Been Up To Since Filming Season 6

Courtney’s been busy since filming Below Deck Med season 6. Courtney’s Instagram blew up with over 118,000 followers after she became a fan-favorite. (Her posting of countless bikini pictures may have also helped.)

Courtney now enjoys an influencer lifestyle: clubbing, tanning, attending music festivals, traveling to LA, Las Vegas, Miami, Tulum Mexico and more. She still works as a yachtie, too, recently working on a boat that had retired NBA legend Magic Johnson as one of the charter guests. But no, that celebrity encounter was on a different superyacht than Home.

Courtney also gets paid to post product endorsements on her Instagram and recently launched her own clothing line, COCO APPAREL. She’s also been giving fans advice on how to become a deckhand on her Instagram stories. Perhaps she was inspired by fellow season 7 deckhand Jason Gaskell, who launched his own clothing line, Sextant Sailing.

Find out a lot more about what happened to Courtney after season 6.

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