Below Deck Med Season 8 Reunion Episode: When It Likely Airs On Bravo & Details

Below Deck Med Season 8 Reunion Episode: When It Likely Airs On Bravo & Details

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 is mercifully almost over after many Below Deck fans claim it’s the longest, most boring season to date in franchise history. Unfortunately for those viewers — unlike Below Deck Down Under season 2 (and 1) and Below Deck season 10Below Deck Med season 8 appears to be getting a reunion episode. Below Deck season 11 doesn’t premier until Feb. 5, and the current season of Below Deck Med airs its finale on Jan. 22. So, unless Bravo decides to take a week off from Below Deck content (which honestly wouldn’t be a bad thing) a Below Deck Med season 8 reunion episode will be airing on Jan. 29 at the regular 8 p.m. ET timeslot.

Actually, the fact Below Deck season 11 premiers on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET/PT suggests the reality TV network may have a two-part reunion for Below Deck Med season 8. However, at this point, this is all conjecture, because, in typical Bravo fashion, the network isn’t letting fans know if there’s a reunion until the last minute.

For some reason Bravo producers in the past couple years have been giving bad seasons two-part reunions, while denying good seasons reunions at all. Many fans couldn’t stand the crews on Below Deck season 9 and Below Deck Med season 7, but they both ended up getting reunion episodes regardless.

Below Deck Med Season 8 Reunion Episode: Likely Drama Discussed With Andy Cohen

Throughout the charter season on superyacht Mustique in Genoa, Italy, many fans found the crew never really clicked and got into a good rhythm. The charter guests on season 8 also didn’t bring much drama and demands like previous seasons. On top of that, steward Kyle Viljoen‘s antics making him the center off attention, while again getting out of work by claiming anxiety and headaches, really irked viewers. Not to mention his bullying of Natalya Scudder, too.

That said, fans who stuck it out watching the entire season certainly have lots of questions to ask the crew. Firstly, why did Bosun Luka Brunton think it was okay to lead on stewardess Jessika Asai and then abandon their boatmance as soon as Natalya popped back into the picture? Also, what’s up with his relationship with Below Deck Med season 6 Chief Stewardess and Winter House star Katie Flood?

Then there’s all the drama between Kyle and Natalya, which led to Natalya joining the long list of Below Deck cast who quit the show. Kyle certainly has lot to answer for, including loudly and drunkenly attacking Natalya on a crew night off. He also started a lot more drama throughout the season that Andy Cohen should grill him for. Then there’s the relationship between French deckhand Max Salvador and British replacement stewardess Lily Davison. On the last crew night out Jessika kissed Max to get revenge on Luka jumping ship for Natalya. Fans will want to know how the two stand now.

Of course there are plenty of other stones for Cohen to turn over at the likely Below Deck Med season 8 reunion episode(s). However, for fans who are just glad the season is wrapping up, they’ll be happy to know Below Deck Med season 9 already filmed and doesn’t appear to bring back this crew.

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