Below Deck: Fans Mad At Jake For Leading On Fraser With Flirting

Jake and Fraser Flirting on Below Deck Season 9
Lead Deckhand Jake and Second Stew Fraser Olender flirted a lot on Below Deck season 9, episode 10 (Hayu, YouTube).

Below Deck fans feel bad for Second Stew Fraser Olender after Jake flirted so much with him on episode 10.

Earlier on in Below Deck season 9, Fraser and Jake Foulger made out a bunch one drunken night after finishing a charter. The next day, Jake had no recollection because he was blackout drunk. That said, he laughed it off and said he’s kissed a lot of guys, but maintained he’s straight.

But in episode 10, Jake, My Seanna’s handlebar mustache ride, leads Fraser on again when they’re drinking at a resort. The two go out on a paddleboard together and are having a gay old time.

“As I get to know Jake, I’m finding out there’s flirtatious banter there. It’s not just buddy-buddy, it’s adorable and sexy,” he says to producers. However, Deckhand Rayna Lindsey rains on Fraser’s Pride Parade. She shows up on her own paddleboard and starts to flirt with Jake, too. By the end of episode 10, Fraser hops out of the bed he’s sharing with Rayna and Jake where they were watching something. Completely dejected, Fraser realizes Rayna was starting to hook up with Jake while he was in the bed with them.

However, according to Rayna, the sex scene of Jake and Rayna is fake!

Below Deck Fans Feel For Fraser

The Below Deck sub-reddit post discussing episode 10 had a lot of fans expressing feeling bad for Fraser and disgust with Jake.

“Poor Fraser. I would’ve been disgusted too,” said one fan.

“That whole situation is weird, [Rayna] just inserted herself, and Jake will [hook up with] anything with a pulse…” wrote another fan.

“God help me if I have to be [left out of hooking up] while my guy gets a handy over my chest while we watch freakin’ Norbit on a phone all in a twin bed,” wrote a third fan with a top comment. “Fraser is the real victim.”

 “Jake totally led Fraser on. I’d be pissed,” wrote a fourth.

The consensus from fans is that Jake completely played Fraser.

Nevertheless, Fraser still seems to be good friends with Jake and had nothing but nice things to say about him on the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, Jake also downplayed it when a fan asked if he felt bad for what he did to Fraser. He responded by not understanding how he did anything wrong to Fraser.

Fans are also still curious if Jake still cheats with Heather later on in the season. Or perhaps he loses interest and goes after her friend and new stew Kaylee.

One things for sure, Captain Lee is unimpressed with Jake’s promiscuous ways.

Fraser is Vacationing in Luxury in Aspen, Colorado

For Christmas and New Years Fraser Olender has been vacationing with his family in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. He let fans know on his Instagram stories he bought all new ski equipment. He also shared the view from a helicopter he took to the top of one of a mountain there.

Fraser will be on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week along with Deckhand Wes O’Dell. So fans with questions should make sure to tweet at Andy.

Make sure to keep up with all of the Below Deck season 9 crew’s Instagram and Twitter accounts here.

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