Below Deck’s Wes O’Dell: All You Need To Know About The Deckhand

Below Deck's Wes O'Dell & Jessica Albert
Below Deck season 9’s Wes O’Dell and Jessica Albert chat on the way back from partying (Screenshot, Bravo).

Below Deck‘s Wes O’Dell hasn’t been a breakout star on season 9, but he’s still an interesting guy. Even if he’s a bit shy and awkward around 3rd Stew Jessica Albert. Here’s all the things fans need to know about Wesley.

Wes O’Dell’s Instagram & Facebook

Wes O’Dell may come across as a bit of a wallflower at the beginning of season 9, but in episode 7 we’ll learn more about him. Looking at his Facebook and Instagram posts, he’s actually a pretty outgoing and popular guy.

He also has a lot of pictures of himself with family and friends, as well as him on sailboats since he works on them in the Caribbean.

Wesley’s Job & Relationship Status

Wes appears to be single according to his social media (or maybe he’s in a relationship with Jessica but keeping it a secret). At the very least he does get a kiss from the third stew at some point on season 9. But it’s unclear if he ever makes enough of a move to get out of the friend zone.

Below Deck's Wes & Jessica Kissing
Below Deck’s deckhand Wes and third stew Jessica share a smooch in season 9’s preview (Screenshot, Bravo).

Besides working on the My Seanna superyacht for Below Deck, Wes has a lot of previous job experience working on boats. According to Facebook, he’s worked as a first mate on a sailboat starting in 2013. By 2016, he was a captain of small vessels for a tour boat company in Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands. From there, he eventually moved up to bigger boats, including being the captain of a schooner. Watch out Captain Lee and First Officer Eddie Lucas!

At the beginning of last year, Wes bought his own sailboat, called Nightwind II, which he now runs charters on. Check out his boat below.

Where Wesley Lives & Grew Up

Growing up, Wes O’Dell would spend half of the year in the United States and the other half in the Caribbean, where Below Deck season 9 is filmed. He has one black and one white parent.

In adulthood, he used to live in Jacksonville, Florida, before moving to Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands, to work as a sailor and captain of boats. It’s unclear how old Wes is, but we’re guessing he’s younger than Jessica, who is a shockingly young-looking 35 while on the show!

Check out Below Deck episode 7 to see if Wes can avoid getting fired along with Jess. And can he start a spark in their awkward flirting or will he be friend-zoned?

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