Below Deck Season 9’s Episode 7 Preview: Will Jessica & Wes Get Fired?

Below Deck's Wes O'Dell Riding A Sea-Doo
Below Deck season 9’s Wes O’Dell looks like he is having a boat trouble in episode 7’s preview (Screenshot, Bravo).

Below Deck season 9 episode 7’s preview promises for a wild ride. Episode 6 ended by showing us a few upcoming storylines that look to be highly entertaining, if not dramatic. Third Stew Jessica looks to be struggling at her job and may get fired. Meanwhile, her awkward romantic admirer Wes O’Dell is getting into some of his own trouble on the job. Speaking of awkward, Second Stew Fraser Olender is mortified that Bosun Jake Foulger and him made out. Next episode will also be the start of the fourth charter, and the primary charter guest is apparently a breast cancer survivor so there will be a boob theme, which inspires Chef Rachel Hargrove.

Let’s review what’s coming up in episode 7, “Plenty of Jake to Go Around”.

Will Heather Fire Jessica?

Chief Stew Heather Chase, 25, is turning up the heat on her 3rd Stew Jessica, 35, in episode 7. Jessica up until now has been (dis)content to do mostly laundry on the first two charters, but that won’t be enough to keep her job all charter season. Heather has decided to have her switch roles with Fraser, so now she’ll be in front of the My Seanna guests and have to turn her frown upside down.

Fraser was nonplussed when Captain Lee singled out Jess for praise, when revealing the big $25,000 tip, in “coming out of her shell” during the 75th birthday party of charter guest Ronnie Weiss. Jessica can expect more backbiting from Fraser for anything less than a stellar job.

In the end-of-show preview it shows Jess dropping the ball early by not being by the bar to serve the new charter guests drinks, infuriating Heather.

“All eyes on you right now, and training day is over,” Heather says menacingly to Jess for the screwup.

It would be nice if Fraser and Heather would cut Jess a bit of slack for not having superyacht experience like they do, but don’t hold your breath!

Jessica’s Awkward Clark Kent Needs Saving of his Own

This boatmance might sink faster than the Titanic. Deckhand Wes is facing his own work turbulence, according to the episode 7 preview.

Below Deck's Wes O'Dell & Jessica Albert
Below Deck season 9’s Wes O’Dell and Jessica Albert chat on the way back from partying (Screenshot, Bravo).

After some painfully awkward flirting with Jess last episode, it looks like Wes is going to have to refocus on keeping his job, too. In the preview, Wes is in a potentially dangerous predicament with a Sea-Doo watercraft that is very close to the My Seanna. Edits make it look like First Officer Eddie Lucas is angry with him and may have told Captain Lee Rosbach to “Shut up for a second” while stressed out over a dangerous situation.

I would not want to be the one to tell the captain that. Let’s hope it was a deceptive preview edit for Eddie’s sake. Eddie also tells Rosbach, “I’m going to rip someone’s f***ing head off.”

Captain Lee doesn’t miss a beat in saying, “No, that’s my job.”

So it looks like someone is going to get the hammer next episode, and maybe even the axe. Earlier previews have sure made it look like someone will get fired like previous Below Deck seasons.

Chef Rachel Is Baking A Fancy Boob Cake

Leave it to a tough cookie like Chef Rachel to make lemons out of lemonade. In the preview for episode 7, it’s revealed the new primary charter guest beat breast cancer. Chef Rachel is making a “vanilla cake with coconut and cherry nipples.”

Below Deck Chef Rachel's Boob Cake
Below Deck Chef Rachel bakes a pretty perky coconut and vanilla cake with cherries on top (Screenshot, Bravo).

This will surely be more than titilating for Jake, who seems to want a piece of everyone on the boat, so far including Captain Lee, Fraser, Rayna and Heather.

Jake Foulger Sidling Up To Heather Chase
Below Deck’s Jake Foulger drunkenly trying to make a move on Chief Stew Heather Chase on season 9 (Screenshot, Bravo).

As Chef Rachel said, “I think Jake is going to be the village bicycle, everybody is going to get a ride with his handlebar moustache.”

Below Deck's Jake Kissing Captain Lee
Jake Foulger kisses an unimpressed Captain Lee in season 9 (Screenshot, Bravo).

Extended Bravo Ep. 7 Preview Includes More Rayna

For Below Deck super fans who can’t wait to see season 9 episode 7, you can sign up to see extended previews of next week’s show. One preview is the first seven minutes of the next episode, where Rayna Lindsey and Wes get into a serious conversation. Rayna took a backseat in episode 6, but we hope her star shines brighter again this episode.

The other preview on Bravo’s website shows Jessica getting on Heather’s nerves and struggling some more at her job.

For viewers outside the US, you will need a VPN to access the extended previews.

All this and more entertaining boat antics will ensue on Monday at 9 pm ET when Below Deck season 9 episode 7 airs.

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