Physical: 100’s Kim Kang-Min: Age, IG, YouTube, Family and More

Physical: 100's Kim Kang-Min: Age, IG, YouTube, Family and More

Of the many male bodybuilders on the show, Physical: 100‘s Kim Kang-Min is by far the most sculpted. He quickly recognized his own bust upon entering the show. That must have been easy because he looks like he has been chiseled out of rock himself. And he wasn’t alone: his wife of six years, the striking Song A-Reum, is competing alongside her husband. When we closed out Episode 6, the husband-and-wife bodybuilding duo were struggling to push the ship up the final stretch. It’s a struggle even with the charismatic Ma Sun-Ho leading their team, and support from the group captained by the terrifying Yun Sung-Bin.

We saw Kim Kang-Min covered in sweat, and needing the help of three other team members to heft a colossal 100 kg (220 lb) barrel. But the two know each other so well that they are able to work out a natural teamwork. During Quest 2’s Moving Sand, Song bagged the sand and held them open for her husband. Kim helped with filling and powered the heavy bags across the bridge. It seems that compared to other titans like strongman Jo Jin-Hyeong, Kim’s muscles are more for show.

Some Redditors were quick to accuse him of steroid use, which is common enough in the bodybuilding world. Will his team make it into the top 2 and move on from the ship-dragging challenge? Will husband and wife be forced to compete against each other?  We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out. Until then, let’s review what we know about this bodybuilding legend.

Physical: 100‘s Kim Kang-Min: A Legacy Of Victory

Physical: 100 contestant Kim Kang-min with his wife and daughter

Physical: 100 contestant Kim Kang-min with his wife and daughter (Instagram).

Kim Kang-Min’s body is certainly impressive enough to rack up a string of bodybuilding championships. These include the 2022 Korean Grand Prix Final and the 2021 Asia Open. Before that, he won the 2019 WFF Asia Open Championship, the 2019 WFF Asia Grand Prix Final and the 2018 WFF Asia Open Championship. He’s quite young at 31, the same age as his wife. He also runs the bodybuilding company Maxist, which has all your protein-based boosters covered, and the clothing company Be First or Best.

Kim Kang-Min is a Proud Husband & Dad

Kim’s YouTube and IG paint a picture of a loving couple and family. Daughter Eun-So is very much into her parents’ fitness lifestyle, participating in Christmas mukbangs and taking her turn on the stairmaster. Kim’s wholesome YouTube content has earned him 443K subscribers, while on IG he boasts 218K followers. Wife Song A-Reum is a frequent guest as they shop for clothing, travel to theme parks, and- of course- work out, a lot.

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