Physical: 100’s Ma Sun-Ho: IG, Family, Age, Job & More

Physical: 100's Ma Sun-Ho: IG, Family, Age, Job & More

On such an intense show, competitors like Physical: 100‘s Ma Sun-Ho with charisma and personality to spare stand out. Ma is able to quickly take command of a room. He was instrumental in organizing some impromptu physical challenges in between Quest 2 and Quest 3 when he took the role of show host MC. But he can also take control of a challenge. When he defeated the much larger “strongest man in Korea” in the deathmatch, Im Jeong-yun was outmaneuvered. In fact, he was practically deflated by the tenacious Ma.

On Netflix’s Korean YouTube, Physical: 100‘s Ma Sun-Ho joins his castmates to watch back the episodes. Paired with fitness YouTuber Shim Euddum, and a rotating third cast member, Ma’s gift for physical comedy and quick wit really shine through here. He will imitate the voice of the Master who introduces the challenges or recall his quick elimination from the pre-challenge with a laugh. He seems like a person who is incredibly comfortable in his own skin. It’s probably why he was picked to be one of ten team leaders on the show.


Ma Sun-ho’s Bodybuilding, Family Life, Age & Instagram

Bodybuilder Ma Sun-ho with his wife and son Ian

Bodybuilder Ma Sun-ho with his wife and son Ian (Instagram).

Ma Sun-ho’s Instagram demonstrates his love for his wife and son Ian. The 39-year-old bodybuilder jokes about how his wife hates having her picture taken and that sometimes, she looks at him “with icy eyes.”

However, he also appreciates how much she cares for him and posted a heartfelt photo of her sonogram. By far, even better than the photos of him making silly faces, are the pics of him with little Ian. He loves playing with his son and will lovingly document Ian’s first haircut or dress up as Santa Claus for Christmas. Ma is a devout Christian and will reference this from time to time. Thanks to his faith and family, professinal bodybuilder won the most Domestic Bodybuilding championships in Korea.

Ma sun-ho as a proud papa of his son

Ma sun-ho as a proud papa of his son (Instagram).

Physical: 100‘s Ma Sun-Ho: A Disciplined Leader

When watching his winning performance during the Moving Sand challenge, Ma comments on how organized his team was. However, he is careful to place responsibility on himself. He comments, “Mentally, it was such a huge burden. If I lose alone, I won’t mind. But if my team loses, it’s my fault.” He is constantly commenting on the other competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and is always sizing them up. Of bodybuilder couple Kim Kang-Min and Song A-Reum, he says “That’s like their honeymoon!” when he hears them talking tenderly to each other during Moving Sand. When the slightly arrogant BBULKKUP is praising his own performance in Episode 3, Ma dismisses him with a single movement of his face.

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