Perfect Match’s Bartise: All To Know About Love Is Blind Star

Perfect Match's Bartise: All To Know About Love Is Blind Star

Perfect Match’s Bartise Bowden (Love Is Blind) is back, back again, to enrage women around the world. The man with the name haters love to misspell has picked right up where he left off. When we last saw fan-described “Barfbag”, he had devastated Nancy Rodriguez by leaving her at the altar on Love Is Blind Season 3.  After one quick date to clear the air, Nancy and Bartise went their separate ways and have never looked back, not reconnecting at After The Altar. Nancy had some trouble saying goodbye, but she did finally end their supposed friendship. Still, like a recurrent infection, we haven’t seen the last of Barracuda on Perfect Match as we saw him pop up in the teaser for Episodes 9-12.

LIB fans have only ever seen Barnacle work his dubious magic in the pods. We watched him charm Ines Tazi (The Circle: France) on a bicycle built for two date. This gave us some insight into the approach that hooked Nancy. Honestly, Bartise is an optimistic guy who is confident and good at quick banter. However, Barstoolsports quickly got distracted by Izzy Fairthorne (Too Hot To Handle) and then blew his chances with both women. Watching Ines shut him down after saying that he “picked her up” was hilarious and necessary. He even told Colony Reeves (Selling Tampa) that he’s not ready for kids? Please. At least he was able to find some bro solidarity with Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind) as they were both kicked off together.

Perfect Match’s Bartise: Education, Job, Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Family

Bartise celebrating New Years

Bartise celebrating New Years (Instagram).

We’ve covered all this in our other article on Bartlejuice, but perhaps a quick refresher is necessary. Bartbarian was born on July 16 and is still a 27-year-old boy. His birthday makes his zodiac sign Cancer. His pro-life family, including his little sister Amalia, still thinks he’s cool, so there’s that. Barnacle works as a financial risk analyst which is funny because his job is to identify giant red flags. He has also worked for KPMG and for a nutrition company. Bartise graduated from the University of Texas. He currently lives in Dallas.

Perfect Match’s Bartise: Instagram, Cameo, TikTok

Bartise partying in New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Bartise partying in New Orleans for Mardi Gras (Instagram).

Bargainbasement — sorry, Bartise’s Instagram somehow has 181,000 people following it. He has a promo where you can travel with him in a group, which we suspect would need to be discounted quite heavily. Bartise’s Cameo price has gone up to $75 since we last checked. He’s still not worth as much as Nancy, though, but we don’t need to tell you that. Finally we have Bartise’s TikTok, which exists at 83,100 followers. There, he mocks his haters, which are many, and posts videos with other questionable characters from Perfect Match. These include Chase DeMoor (Too Hot To Handle) and Will Richardson (The Mole). Bartise lived up to his sleazy reputation on Perfect Match. After a nice date with Diamond Jack (Love Is Blind) he ditched her for Twentysomethings Abbey Humphreys. He then ditched Abbey Humphrey’s for Izzy again.

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