Perfect Match’s Colony: Selling Tampa Star’s Job, IG, Age & More

Perfect Match's Colony: Selling Tampa Star's Job, IG, Age & More

Perfect Match‘s Colony Reeves got about five minutes of screen time, total. Sad doesn’t begin to cover it. What can you say, really? At least The Ultimatum‘s Zay Wilson was entertaining in a dumb way. The Mole‘s Dom Gabriel being super respectful, warning her about the house dynamics and promoting her following their date did absolutely nothing. She did absolutely nothing wrong and ran headlong into 4 couples who were solidly into one another. Love Is Blind season 3‘s Bartise Bowden, whose elimination I promise we will get to soon, fancied The Circle France‘s Ines Tazi for an easier mark. Are we sad she’s gone? A little. Should she be happy to walk away from this spit-swapping snake pit? We would think so.

Colony will do fine without having to spend time battling with other shady ladies. Like Selling Tampa co-star Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere before her, and Too Hot To Handle season 3’s Izzy Fairthorne, and The Circle‘s Savannah Palacio, the women who seem to have it together don’t last long. In fact, these were accomplished women instead of drama generators seemed to play a role — along with alleged racism — in the show’s actual cancellation. But that may be all to the good, because this kill or be killed scenario seems more pointless with each episode. Perfect Match looks increasingly fake, due staged and scripted aspects. In fact, let’s see how much Colony was not suited for this environment by learning more about her.

Perfect Match‘s Colony: Modelling, Real Estate Job, Family Inspiration, Age and Birthday

Selling Tampa star Colony Reeves looking way to eloquent for Perfect Match's trashiness

Selling Tampa star Colony Reeves looking way to eloquent for Perfect Match‘s trashiness (Instagram).

A model since the age of five, Colony has never had trouble attracting attention for her outside. But she’s very clear that it’s on the inside that what counts. Colony has been open about her struggles with mental health, but also gives credit to her family, friends and her real estate agent father for supporting her. Currently working for Allure Realty, she also has experience as a preschool teacher. She has two siblings, Candace and Carl.  We also know her mother is Karen Jones Reeves.

Colony’s 30th birthday was a big part of Selling Tampa, but she is 31 now. Her birthdate is June 20, which makes her a Gemini — a social butterfly, but also somewhat indecisive. The cutthroat superficial environment of Perfect Match was not for her at all. Her tagline from the show says it all: “I don’t want games. Don’t play with me.”

Perfect Match‘s Colony: Instagram, Cameo, Twitter and Website

Perfect Match star Colony showing off a sultry outfit

Perfect Match star Colony showing off a sultry outfit (Instagram).

The one stop shop for all things Colony is her very professional website. That’s where you can read some articles on her or purchase a video on Colony’s Cameo for a fairly steep $79. Colony’s Instagram is strong for someone whose day job isn’t influencing, with 162,000 followers. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her friends, showing a very active social life. Of course, there are outfits, vacation pics, her favorite meals, even some stories about her trip to New York Fashion Week.


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