Perfect Match’s Savannah: Circle Star’s Job, IG, Francesca Feud, Age & More

Perfect Match's Savannah: Circle Star's Job, IG, Francesca Feud, Age & More

Perfect Match‘s Savannah Palacio walked onto a show where people pretend to have feelings for each other to win. What she found was a messy love triangle, a brutal alcohol-fueled confrontation and an early exit. This actually isn’t the first time something like this has happened to Savannah. A similar confrontation between her and Terilisha Godwin-Pierce on season 2 of The Circle led to Savannah’s premature blocking. As much as you might want to yell at these reality show contestants, inciting drama publicly seems to be hazardous to your chances of victory. However, there’s also the real world to think about, where Savannah has earned much praise for calling out the shady Francesca Farago. Although fans made much of a pic on Savannah’s Instagram which appears to target Francesca, she says in this interview that she’s mostly over it. So long as these two stay away from each other, all should be well. (We still hope for a reunion episode with these two, then!)

Savannah’s used to confrontationsn though. She’s opened up about her mental health struggles and court-ordered therapists before. No doubt she’s encountered a few people with negative vibes before. Francesca is continuing her wicked ways on the show, coldly dropping trusting Dom Gabriel (The Mole). As long as Francesca continues this way, Savannah’s popularity will continue to rise. Plus, when she walked off hand in hand with Anne-Sophie, she seems to have made a new ally. That was quite a shift from her zero-chemistry alliance with robo-bro Nick Uhlenhuth. Now, Savannah can get back to doing what she does best, killing it IRL.

Beauty influencer Savannah Palacio showing off her flawless makeup

Beauty influencer Savannah Palacio showing off her flawless makeup (Instagram).

Perfect Match‘s Savannah Jobs, Age, Birthday & Family

Perfect Match star Savannah Palacio showing off a (sponsored?) dress

Perfect Match star Savannah Palacio showing off a (sponsored?) dress (Instagram).

Of all the female contestants, Savannah has the most accomplished resume. She’s a former beauty queen, winning runner up in the 2014 Miss Teen Beverly Hills. In 2015, she was second runner up for all of California. She’s also worked on Capitol Hill, as a communications coordinator. She’s also an accomplished fashion model influencer, earning sponsorships from Ardell and Armani. All of this at the age of 26 (soon to be 27)! Her special day is March 16, which makes her an emotionally aware Pisces. No wonder she picked up on Francesca’s energy right away. Savannah is also part of the club of Perfect Match people whose mom appears in their social media. A TikTok features Savannah’s mom, but her dad is not visible. Apparently her dad spent some time in prison. Her sis Analise and her brother Aidan are involved as well, popping up in a silly deaf-blind-mute cooking challenge that went very much off the rails.

Perfect Match‘s Savannah IG, TikTok & YouTube

Perfect Match star Savannah's pet dog

Perfect Match star Savannah’s pet dog (Instagram).

About those socials. Savannah’s IG, TikTok and YouTube all feature the same blend of glamorous and goofy energy. Weekly vlogs, family surprises, supportive videos for her kitty Azula and even videos of her organizing her fridge abound. Her YouTube is doing OK at 26.2K subscribers, which suggests it’s more for fun. Her IG is stronger at 432K followers, and then her TikTok is the most powerful of all with 895,000.

Savannah's pet cat Azula

Savannah’s pet cat Azula (Instagram).

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