Physical 100’s Dong-Hyun Kim: UFC Record, Family, IG, YouTube, More

Physical 100's Dong-Hyun Kim: UFC Record, Family, IG, YouTube, More

“Stun Gun” Dong-Hyun Kim will likely fulfill the same role as MMA legend Choo Sung-Hoon on Physical 100 season 2. Basically, an internationally recognized tough guy who is nevertheless a respected elder statesman of the sport. While Kim isn’t as charismatic as Choo (few people are!), he has a few attributes Choo doesn’t. First, as we’ll see, he’s much more of a family man than Choo is. Second, he takes training others much more seriously and professionally than Choo, who does it for fun. And, he has a dorky side which makes him a lot more relatable than “Sexyama”.

Of course, just because Kim has all these attributes doesn’t mean that he is guaranteed to win Physical 100. Expect him to go far, along with many other celebrity guests and some surprise standouts. With that in mind, let’s learn all we can about Physical 100’s Dong-Hyun Kim. 

Physical 100 Season 2’s Dong-Hyun Kim: UFC Record, Height, Birthday, Age, Zodiac, IG, Wife, Children, Endorsements, Ads, Travel

Dong-hyun Kim with his beautiful wife and mother of his kids

Dong-hyun Kim with his beautiful wife and mother of his kids (Instagram).

Competing in the UFC’s welterweight division, Kim has a lifetime record of 22-4-1 in mixed martial arts competition. He stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall and his birthday is November 17th. The 42-year-old is a mysterious, quirky Scorpio. That fits with his Instagram persona, where he enjoys a commanding 186,000 followers. When he’s not at the opening of a boxing gym or training with large groups, he’s posting adorable pics of his kids. Married in 2018 to Song Ha-Ryul, they have three children, two girls (Tobong-I and Yeonwoo) and a boy (Danwoo). He loves to show off his kids’ first skating adventure, playing with Legos, or prints of their feet. Tobong-I was born in June 2023, Yeonwoo in 2021, and Danwoo in 2019.

Loving Dad Kim is happy to lend his name to products to help feed those mouths. He prefers nutritional products, such as Dr. Prio or Seribun. However, he’s not above participating in those awful ads for mobile games you’ll see if you’ve spent any time on social media. The ad is extremely cringe-inducing but shows how Dong isn’t afraid to get silly publicly. Unlike many of the Physical 100 crew, Dong features his wife Song in quite a few photos too. They are obviously very much in love. Dong is more travel-focused too, showing pictures at the Colosseum in Rome among many other places around the world.

Physical 100’s Dong-Hyun Kim: Acting and TV, YouTube

Dong-hyun Kim and his wife out on a date together

Dong-hyun Kim and his wife out on a date together (Instagram).

If nothing else, Dong will be a charismatic presence on TV. He has a pretty long list of cameos and acting appearances. These include variety shows, escape room themed programs, MMA competitions, try-not-to-laugh contests and even competitions between military units. (Of course, Dong was a judge for that last one as he has no military experience.) It also seems like Dong will try his hand at any sport, from golf to soccer, which will make for some interesting matchups when the show starts. He will even try his hand at singing karaoke in front of a crowd on a show with the title “The Ballad In Me.”

But Dong can get very serious when it comes to training, which is the main subject of his YouTube Channel. With 756,000 subscribers, it seems to be entirely dedicated to gym footage and training, and his old UFC matches. Could Kim be the hero we’re looking for on season 2 of Physical 100? 

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