BDSY: Fans Drag Daisy Calling Colin ‘Gary’ In Bed

BDSY: Fans Drag Daisy Calling Colin 'Gary' In Bed

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s Bermuda love triangle just got a whole lot more tumultuous. Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher convinced First Engineer Colin MacRae to give dating her another shot after he discovered she and First Officer Gary King previously hooked up at the end of season 3. However, after Colin spent a charter pouting and telling Daisy he didn’t want to date after finding out the news, he gave her another shot. And did she ever blow it. While together with Colin she was thinking about the womanizing South African sailor. Fans are mercilessly dragging Daisy for calling Colin “Gary” in bed in episode 12.

BDSY Fans Can’t Believe Daisy Screwed Up Boatmance With Colin By Calling Him Gary In Bed

Fans couldn’t believe their ears when Daisy said Gary’s name while fooling around with Colin.

Twitter erupted with fans bashing her for ruining her shot with the nice guy on the boat.

A week ago Daisy appeared on Bravo kingpin Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and claimed Colin has the most to answer to on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 reunion episode filming imminently.

“I am going to leave it for the reunion. The reunion is coming up. I feel like he [has the most to answer to at the reunion]. I’ve got a lot of love for Colin. Things are complicated. And I don’t need complicated on my social media,” Daisy answered to a question about her unfollowing Colin on Instagram recently.

The latest Freudian slip by Daisy further confirms some viewers theories Daisy’s still in gaga for Gary.

“Daisy says she has made it clear she wants Colin but I don’t think she has been clear at all. All the carrying on she does with Gary has to stop if she wants to be with Colin. It’s not really that complicated. Show Colin the respect he deserves. Neither are doing that. Colin needs to put both of them in their place,” said one astute fan on Below Deck‘s subreddit.

Gary and Daisy’s relationship timeline looks like they might still be friends with benefits.

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