BDSY: Gary & Daisy’s Relationship Timeline Explained

BDSY: Gary & Daisy's Relationship Timeline Explained

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s two-episode drop on Monday, June 12, gave Bravo viewers more of a full picture of First Officer Gary King and Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher‘s romantic relationship outside the show. During the vacation day off in Sardinia, Italy, Gary became jealous of Daisy’s new romantic relationship with Chief Engineer Colin MacRae. He revealed the two slept together multiple times in the past to Daisy’s horror. They hooked up near the end of filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 in Menorca, Spain. They also slept together again when hanging out in LA when they went to Disneyland together. Now fans want to know exactly what was Gary and Daisy’s relationship timeline of their romantic dalliances and how long they were friends before things heated up. Also, is there any chance they’re seeing each other again?

Well, here’s a comprehensive look at the friendship and situationship of BDSY stars Gary and Daisy.

Gary And Daisy’s Relationship Timeline Explained: Hook Ups & Dating Off Of BDSY Set

Daisy wishing Gary a happy birthday by posting a picture of them together in her home city of London

Daisy wishing Gary a happy birthday by posting a picture of them together in her home city of London (Instagram).

Gary and Daisy first met aboard superyacht Parsifal III in the summer of 2020 while filming BDSY season 2. Although Gary hit on Daisy that season while working as yachties in Croatia, he was too busy hooking up with his one deckhand, Sidney Zaruba, and then starting a relationship with Australian stewardess Alli Dore. The two did flirt, and according to Gary “always had chemistry”, but Daisy steered clear of King cad’s swashbuckling sleaziness. Instead, she consoled her now good-friend and podcast co-host Alli with her rocky boatmance with the South African Tarzan lookalike. Gary was 32 and Daisy 33 when they first worked together.

In the summer of 2021, Daisy dealt with Gary’s immature player antics yet again. This time she had to deal with both of her stewardesses falling under his spell. First, stew Ashley Marti, starstruck, pounced on Gary and tried her best to start a boatmance with him. However, the man-child philander decided to then start fooling around with stew Gabriella Barragan. But first, her had a very passionate and sloppy make-out session with Daisy in the hot tub, and the two continued to flirt a bunch throughout the season. After Gabriella abruptly quit, Gary suddenly claimed to have “strong feelings” for replacement stew Scarlett Bentley. Daisy warned Scarlett of Gary’s womanizing ways throughout the season and she suddenly nipped the budding romance.

Fans accused Daisy of being jealous of Scarlett and Gary’s relationship, which she denied, claiming she wasn’t interested in Gary. However, the latest revelations suggest fans were right. Daisy admitted they hooked up at the tail-end of their charter season in Menorca in August 2021. Whether they found a secret spot to do the dirty deed or rendezvoused in a hotel in Spain after filming remains a mystery for now.

Daisy and Gary at Chef Marcos Spaziani's restaurant in LA on the trip they hooked up on

Daisy and Gary at Chef Marcos Spaziani’s restaurant in LA on the trip they hooked up on (Instagram).

The two reunited again on February 6, 2022 at season 3 co-star Chef Marcos Spaziani‘s LA restaurant Marlou. They also went to Disneyland together, and joked on Instagram they were dating before shooting down the rumors. In season 4, Daisy and Gary now confirmed they hooked up on this trip, too.

Are Gary And Daisy Casually Dating Each Other After BDSY Season 4?

Daisy and Gary at BravoCon 2022 in New York City

Daisy and Gary at BravoCon 2022 in New York City (Instagram).

During the taping of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3’s reunion in late June 2022, Gary and Daisy again spent some time together. This time Gary and Daisy in separate rooms in her apartment in London participated in the reunion. At one point they made it clear they were at Daisy’s flat. However, Daisy revealed when arguing with Gary that she apparently wanted him to stay over but he instead left. The two claim they only hooked up twice, so it looks like Gary rejected Daisy in London, perhaps prowling the bars instead. It looks like the two met up before heading to Sardinia, Italy to shoot season 4.

Daisy also asked him why he wouldn’t kiss her in front of her friends in London, but kissed season 4 stew Mads Herrera in front of everyone repeatedly.

Daisy smiling while talking about Gary on WWHL

Daisy smiling while talking about Gary on WWHL (Bravo).

Despite Gary treating Daisy like just another notch in his belt and leading her on repeatedly, while then proceeding to hook up with other ladies, the two still appear to be good friends. Perhaps even with benefits?

In an E! News exclusive interview back in mid-April 2023, Daisy asked what her status was with Gary now and she responded, “You never know what’s going to happen in the future, what has happened, what is happening.” Daisy, now 36, followed that by saying the following about her current relationship status: “Yeah, pretty much. There’s no exclusive labels, lets put it that way.”

Yikes, is Gary stringing Daisy along again by giving her hope they’ll settle down together? Fans have also noted Daisy letting Gary flirt and get touchy with her relentlessly in season 4, all while she was supposedly more interested in dating Colin. She also told Gary on the show he had a “million chances” to date her before, too.

Gary And Daisy Kiss On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4

Daisy telling fans she and Gary weren't dating even as they had been secretly hooking up

Daisy telling fans she and Gary weren’t dating even as they had been secretly hooking up (Instagram).

We know the two at least met up again in October 2022 for BravoCon 2022, where they appeared very close still. Daisy’s also posted pictures of the two together with flirty captions.

“Not because it was Gary, I just really like making boys jealous,” Daisy told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in the start of June 2023 when asked if she liked him getting jealous about Colin. She also told Cohen she was more mad at Colin for telling her Gary didn’t mind if the two dated than she was at Gary for lying to Colin and saying he didn’t mind.

The mid-season preview for the rest of the season shows Gary and Daisy kissing. So it looks like Colin and Daisy’s relationship crashes and burns, while Mads ditches a clingy, bruised ego Gary for deckhand Alex Propson. Daisy’s sister Bonnie also comes on the show to stir things up. Is Gaisy back on at the end of season 4? We certainly know Daisy and Colin didn’t end up together afterwards.

Fans will have to wait and see if the two they were shipping at the end of season 3 end up back together and sailing into calmer waters after season 4. We’ll also have to wait to see if the two will be starring in Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5, which will likely start filming very soon.

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