Perfect Match: What Happened To Nick After The Show

Perfect Match: What Happened To Nick After The Show

Perfect Match had cringe moments to spare when it was running, and some participants took that and ran with it. None more so than Nick Uhlenhuth, who bounced hilariously from one chemistry-free partnership to the next all season. This man ended up eliminated before the show was half over, came back, and was kicked off again. During this completely pointless blown second chance Nick managed to avoid breaking Lauren “LC” Chamblin’s heart. However both of them looked uncomfortable and just sad with each other and admitted there was nothing there. Nick’s awkward energy proves that you can be a famous reality star and still be totally alone. Nick’s also much worse off than walking red flag Bartise Bowden, because unlike Bartise, Nick is smart enough to know the truth. Is this human version of Bojack Horseman up to anything interesting? Let’s look at what happened to Nick after Perfect Match.

Perfect Match: What Happened To Nick Since The Show? Big Saddy Nick

Nick with some of the the other guy cast members from Perfect Match

Wouldn’t you love to start your day off with some Big Nick Energy? Nick’s partnership with Dangerously Caffeinated has yielded a completely ridiculous coffee brand. The package features shirtless Nick standing in a forest, slapped over a picture of a city at night. Nick’s Instagram shows him rocking out with fellow cast member Abbey Humphries and rock band Emblem3 in LA. He then attended country music festival Boots In The Park courtesy of Passion Tree seltzer. We also learned that Nick has a big decision ahead of him: stay in San Diego, where he currently is relying on a friend’s hospitality, or go back to Texas. At this point, Nick has been reduced to posting his old auditions for The Bachelorette and Love Island in hopes they will call him again.

Thankfully, Netflix still likes Nick enough to invite him to the disastrous Love Is Blind  Season 4 reunion and their reality TV content exhibition, FYSEE. Nick’s castmates deserve trophies for continually supporting this silly man. You can find him in pictures with Calvin Crooks, Kariselle Snow, Will Richardson, and Anne-Sophie Petite Frere at NYSEE. Another post asks you to name a boy band comprised of Nick, Will, Calvin, Dom Gabriel, and Mitchell Eason. (Nick wasn’t able to come up with one after 15 whole minutes of thinking.) But Nick has one hope left: a new season of The Circle, which is being cast as we speak! Nick had to go and make this sad as well, though. Above the news, he posted a reel of him entering a room to cheers and applause and the caption, “How I thought life would be after The Circle.”

Nick cuddling his sole companion, his pet dog Murphy

Nick cuddling his sole companion, his pet dog Murphy (Instagram).

Perfect Match: Still Very Single

Nick at the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode

Nick at the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode (Instagram).

Remember how Nick spent half the show simping for Francesca Farago, and how she had zero time for him? Francesca may not be known for thinking things through, but her turning Nick down was an easy win. To this day, there’s not any evidence that Nick is in a relationship or even pursuing one. Maybe he still fancies his chances with Francesca. Considering the very long lineup to hook up with Fran Nick could be waiting a while.  There are rumors out there that Nick is dating The Bachelorette star Katie Thurston, but there’s been no news on that front since New Year’s 2023. Since this is Nick we’re talking about, trying to cozy up to Katie so he can be the next star on The Bachelor is a possibility we can’t rule out.

The general consensus is that Nick’s recent appearance on the Love In Reality podcast was, true to form, very weird. “If I didn’t match with Francesca, then I knew I could come back and I did, without a risk of being booted off the show,” he said. “I felt like I needed it,” he says, of the kissing challenge that he won, after being rejected by Francesca. Can you see a pattern developing?  He also reveals that he told Ines Tasi not to worry about rejecting him right before he went home in Episode 5. “I was just in the hotel gym, just working out all the time. Clearly I flopped on the push-up challenge so I was like, I’ll go to the gym, do some push ups. And hopefully if I get back in I can do some push ups with these girls on my back.”

The host says that poor LC was actually quite smitten with Nick. Nick says, “She’s obviously super nice and super kind, but we didn’t have enough time.” So what’s your excuse now, Nick?

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