Perfect Match: The Mole’s Avori Explains Dom’s Beef With Will Cheating

Perfect Match: The Mole's Avori Explains Dom's Beef With Will Cheating

Perfect Match star Dom Gabriel didn’t hide on the show he’s got bad blood with The Mole co-star Will Richardson. Both reality TV stars got casted by Netflix a second time to be on the streaming giants latest dating show Perfect Match, where former reality TV stars compete for love by completing compatibility challenges. Now a former fellow The Mole cast member, professional gamer Avori Strib (nee Henderson), claims to know all about Dom’s beef with Will.

Early on in Perfect Match, Dom and Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago are in the boardroom and Dom says things didn’t end well with Will. The Mole viewers were shocked to hear Dom’s disdain because he was having a bromance with Will on the competition show before he was eliminated midway through the season. Fans speculated Dom felt betrayed by Will for not helping Dom get back into the game when he had the opportunity to help him in a revival game.

However, according to The Mole finalist Avori, there’s more to the story about Will betraying everyone else on the show by playing dirty.

Avori Henderson took her husband's last name Strib after getting married

Avori Henderson took her husband’s last name Strib after getting married (Instagram).

Professional gamer Avori Strib released a TikTok video in which she laid out why Dom’s bromance with Will evaporated while competing for prize money in Australia.

Avori Claims Dom’s Beef With Will Involves The Mole Winner Cheating

Dom and Will talking about how things got left after The Mole. Will said he was just playing the game and he has Dom's back

Dom and Will talking about how things got left after The Mole. Will said he was just playing the game and he has Dom’s back (Netflix).

“So my show was a competition show and we weren’t allowed to have our cellphones, access to the internet, or anything that could give someone a leg up in the game, to the point where they would take journals and books away from us just in case it would possibly give someone an advantage,” Avori explained about competing on The Mole.

Will, Dom and Avori on The Mole

Will, Dom and Avori on The Mole (Netflix).

“About two days into filming, Will went around bragging to everyone about how he hacked his TV. And looked everyone up on Instagram. He thought it would be funny to tell me because he didn’t believe I’m a professional video-gamer. And he said that he looked me up and couldn’t believe it was true. I don’t know what else to call that but freakin’ cheating.”


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The Mole involves gaining intel on fellow competitors in order to answer quiz questions identifying who the saboteur is in the game. Will allegedly accessing all the other competitors Instagram accounts would give him a huge cheating advantage over the other cast members. Avori believes Will’s act of cheating didn’t sit well with his former bro, honest and kind Dom.

“I think the beef with Dom and Will is because Dom plays with integrity. He has people’s back. And Will is obviously willing to do anything to throw people under the bus, get more airtime, get the win, like whatever it is,” Avori said at the end of her video.

Will, Vegas born and raised, proved his duplicitous ways again on Perfect Match. He scared off Ines Tazi (The Circle France) after he told her he would do what it takes to “win” the dating show, and wasn’t in the game to find love. He then tried to split up Canadian Dom and his match Georgia Hassarati by sending Dom on a date. Will did that after telling Dom he had his back.

Will’s underhanded attempts failed to help him in winning a game about finding love. His ex friend Dom ended up winning Perfect Match and getting a free all-expenses paid week vacation. However, Dom got played again, this time by Georgia who abandoned him after the show for another one of Francesca’s exes, Too Hot To Handle season 1 bad boy Harry Jowsey. Fans now think Georgia cheated on Dom by still being with Harry and pretending to date and like Dom.

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