What Happened To The Mole Cast After The Netflix Reboot Ended

What Happened To The Mole Cast After The Netflix Reboot Ended

Netflix’s reboot of The Mole excited diehard fans of the reality TV show from the early 2000s. Viewers loved the deception of contestants like Jacob Hacker and Avori Henderson. Although fans were shocked pilot Joi Schweitzer couldn’t figure out Kesi Nesblett was the mole, leading some to speculate The Mole is scripted, viewers were happy for Will Richardson winning the prize money. But after the show filmed throughout Australia and aired, what happened to The Mole cast back in the real world? Here’s what the twelve contestants Will, Avori, Casey, Dom, Greg, Jacob, Joi, Kesi, Osei, Pranav, Samara, Sandy are up to in 2023 since the show aired in October 2022.

What Happened to Will After Winning Netflix’s The Mole Season 1

What Happened To Will Richardson After Winning The Mole On Netflix

The Chris Hemsworth as Thor lookalike never wavered in competing as hard as he could on The Mole. William “Will” Richardson won the $101,500 prize money after correctly identifying Kesi as the one secretly sabotaging missions throughout the show.

The Mole Winner William Richardson With His Dog Flying First Class or on Private Jet

The Mole winner William Richardson with his dog flying first class or on a private jet (Instagram).

After the win, Will stayed pretty tight-lipped in media interviews shortly after the final episode of The Mole aired. However, on January 17, Will let fans know he’s starring in a new Netflix reality TV show called Perfect Match.

The lifestyle brand manager became an influencer like the famous clients he works for as his Instagram reached nearly 40,000 followers. His clout will only get bigger once the dating show Perfect Match releases on Netflix on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). The show brings back “Netflix’s most eligible singles” from its various reality TV shows to try their luck at romance.

Will also looks to be enjoying some of his prize money traveling in first class or on a private jet with his pet dog. The fan-favorite “Viking” is also enjoying all of the attention he’s getting from the fairer sex, including flirting with Latina beauty and influencer dentist Macarena Leichtle. However, Will appears to still be very single at this point in time.

One Of The Mole Will Richardson's Possible Romantic Interests, Dentist Influencer Macarena Leichtle, Since Winning The Mole

Latina dentist influencer Macarena Leichtle has been flirting with Will in the comments of his IG posts (Instagram).

What Happened to The Mole Cast: Pilot Joi Schweitzer

What Happened To Joi After The Mole Finished Filming

The Mole runner-up Joi hung out with her co-star and good friend Greg recently in New York (Instagram).

The Mole runner-up Joi Schweitzer had a monumental year in 2022. She found Jesus Christ and was baptized. She also became a star on Netflix’s The Mole.

Joi, her husband and their son continue to live in Atlanta, Georgia, however she continues to fly around the country as a commercial airline pilot. Joi promotes healthy living through a strict workout routine and healthy eating. She just recently hit a new benchmark of deadlifting 250 pounds!

The Mole Contestant Joi Schweitzer With Her Husband & Son

The Mole contestant Joi Schweitzer with her family (Instagram).

Joi also caught up with co-star and good friend Greg Shapiro in New York. The fitness influencer also revealed she had a close alliance with Jacob Hacker on the show, which wasn’t included at all in the final cut. The black female airline pilot also recently posted on Instagram flying a place with another female co-pilot and an all-female cabin crew.

The Mole Contestant Joi Flying A Plane With An All-Female Crew

The Mole contestant Joi flying a plane with an all-female crew (Instagram).

Kesi Neblett Still Living in NYC After Playing The Mole On Netflix Reboot

What Happened To Kesi Neblett After Being The Mole

Since Will figured out Kesi was the saboteur on the show the computer programmer continues to enjoy the fast life in New York City. On Kesi’s Instagram she revealed she was paid to be the mole on the show, but she wouldn’t disclose how much money producers paid her. She’s also traveled in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Atlanta and Mexico in the past year. Kesi also added TikTok and Twitter to her social media repertoire after starring as The Mole, before which she had no social media accounts other than LinkedIn. She’s also remains good friends with Will.

Kesi recently attended a swanky party for Moet and Chandon Champagne. She returned to her hometown of Russellville, Kentucky, to give a speech on MLK day on January 16.

The Mole Star Kesi Neblett Speaking At School In Hometown

What Happened to Greg Shapiro After The Mole

The Mole Contestant Greg Shapiro With His New Dog And Haircut

Greg Shapiro appeared to irritate a lot of his cast members who suspected he was the mole after he sabotaged prize money to get classified documents on his competitors. However, in reality Greg was beloved by many of his castmates. Besides being close to Joi and Casey, he also went traveling with co-star and ABA therapist Sandy Ronquillo. The pair went traveling in Antigua, Guatemala, together. The globetrotter has been to over 40 countries and currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

The Mole Contestants Greg Shapiro & Sandy Ronquillo traveling together

The Mole contestants Greg Shapiro and Sandy Ronquillo traveling together after show (Instagram).

Greg also made an addition to his family, recently getting an adorable pet dog. He also cut his long locks, opting for a short haircut in late 2022. His buddy Joi and him are planning to spill the tea on The Mole on Monday, Jan. 23.

What Happened to The Mole Cast After The Show: Jacob Hacker

What Happened To Jacob Hacker After The Mole

The Mole contestant Jacob Hacker still works as a firefighter (Instagram).

Jacob continues to work as a firefighter and actor parttime. Some fans suspected he only played a firefighter on TV, but he still works as one and even worked on Christmas day in 2022.

The Mole's Jacob Hacker acting

The Mole‘s Jacob Hacker acting (Instagram).

Jacob’s Instagram shows he also recently did some more acting work, this time as a bartender. The Ohio resident also did some spicy modeling work for underwear.

The Mole star Jacob Hacker modeling

The Mole star Jacob Hacker modeling (Instagram).

What Happened to The Mole After The Show: Avori Henderson

The Mole star and pro gamer Avori Henderson celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary

The Mole star and pro gamer Avori Henderson celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary (Instagram).

Avori Henderson may not have won the game on The Mole, but she’s still a professional gamer in real life. The lives a glamorous life with her husband, traveling the world and making large sums of money as a gamer influencer. She recently took a private jet to California to play videogames with the NFL. On Jan. 2, 2023, she celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with her husband.

Avori also did a confession video on The Mole telling insider info of what happened on set and details about her castmates. She’s also working on creating music.

What Happened To The Mole Cast After The Show

The other six The Mole cast members all appear to be doing well.

Casey Lary’s Instagram doesn’t include many pictures of her. But the nurse recently posted a picture of her outside of the Netflix HQ in LA.

The Mole star Casey Lary traveling in LA

The Mole star Casey Lary traveling in LA (Instagram).

Fan-favorite Dom Gabriel moved to Toronto, Canada, after filming The Mole. He looks to be pursuing a modeling and acting career. He will star on Netflix’s Perfect Match alongside his former The Mole co-star Will.

The Mole contestant Dom Gabriel modeling

The Mole contestant Dom Gabriel modeling (Instagram).

Osei White continues to pursue an acting career, recently landing a guest appearance on Law And Order Organized Crime. He also continues to travel the world, most recently touring Turkey and Morocco.

Osei acting after competing on The Mole

Osei acting after competing on The Mole (Instagram).

Super-smart competitor and lawyer Pranav Patel continues to pursue his passions of dancing and modeling, per his Instagram.

What Happened to Pranav Patel After The Mole

The Mole star Pranav Patel modeling after The Mole

The Mole star Pranav Patel modeling after The Mole (Instagram).

Meanwhile, mental health counsellor Samara Joy from Atlanta continues to pursue a career modeling.

What Happened to Samara Joy after The Mole

Finally, besides traveling with her “bestie” Greg Shapiro, Sandy Ronquillo recently visited the The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.

What Happened To Sandy Ronquillo After The Mole

Netflix subscribers can’t wait for the show’s renewal and The Mole season 2 to premiere. In the meantime they can check out Peacock’s The Traitors, a show that similarly pits competitors against one another, except in this case there are three “traitors” sabotaging missions.

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