The Mole’s Jacob: Firefighter Job, Age, Instagram, Birthday & More

The Mole's Jacob: Firefighter Job, Age, Instagram, Birthday & More

The Mole‘s Jacob Hacker flew under the radar most of the time while completing missions across Australia locations. That all changed when fellow competitor Joi Schweitzer blasted Jacob at a an elimination quiz meeting, accusing him of being the mole pointblank. Although fans are leaning towards Kesi Nesblett or Avori Henderson being who is actually the mole, Jacob is still pretty suspect. He didn’t do much of anything to put money into the prize pot. However, he didn’t do a whole lot to sabotage the missions, either. On top of that, he came up with the simple ingenious idea to get Avori to order a pizza in order for him and competitor Will Richardson to find her.

Either way, we’ll find out if Jacob’s the mole or won the prize pot when Netflix drops the finale on Friday, October 21. Meanwhile, here’s everything fans need to know about The Mole‘s Jacob Hacker.

Jacob’s Instagram, Twitter, Firefighter Job, Acting & Modeling Work

The Mole Contestant Jacob Hacker Acting

The Mole Contestant Jacob Hacker working in a scene as an actor (Instagram).

Jacob’s Instagram reveals he’s not only a firefighter paramedic lieutenant, but also works as a actor and model. And no, he doesn’t pose for the firefighter calendar. Jacob modeled for a cigarette ad. He’s also acted as a doctor in another gig. Jacob’s IMDb profile notes he’s recently acted in two short films, one of which he played a swat officer. All the acting must help him in throwing off his opponents when trying to deceive them.

The Mole Contestant Jacob Hacker Playing The Role Of A Doctor

The Mole contestant Jacob Hacker acting as a doctor (Instagram).

Jacob hasn’t quit his day job, though. He still works as a paramedic firefighter. He got his EMT certification eight years ago and has been working at his local fire house ever since.

The Mole's Jacob Working As A Firefighter Paramedic

The Mole‘s Jacob working his day job as a firefighter paramedic (Instagram).

Jacob grew up on a goat farm and still harvests crops to this day in northwestern Ohio, in the small country town (population 956) of Bloomville. According to his Netflix bio, he was previously a cage fighter, but he now practices the more peaceful martial art of Tai Chi and ballroom dancing. Jacob also loves to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle, as well as play billiards, golf, and work out. His Netflix bio explains why he became such a fitness junkie over the last while.

“Recently, Jacob tragically lost his father to a heart attack. In response, Jacob has lost over 65 pounds in the past five years as part of his fitness journey. He works out six to eight times a week and has even become somewhat of an amateur weight lifter. Jacob is your typical blue-collar boy who enjoys wading out in the swamp, hunting, fishing, drinking a beer with his friends and family, riding his Harley and working on his ’91 Jeep Wrangler.”

Jacob’s Twitter includes lots of funny commentary on his time on The Mole.

Jacob’s Age, Birthday, Relationship Status & Game Strategy

The Netflix bio for Jacob states he’s 29 years-old. However, that’s when the show was filmed, so he’s like age 30 now. Jacob’s birthday is June 23, according to his Facebook profile. His birthday makes him a Cancer (that explains his quiet personality). Jacob, who’s active on Facebook, also has his relationship status set to single.

Jacob went into The Mole with a clear strategy in mind for the competition.

“Sit back and observe. I [can] read everyone and watch for their mistakes, and with this strategy it would cause everyone to be suspicious of me as well because I’m not trying to be the loudest.”
He’s also aware of the pros and cons of his personality for the game.
“My strength 100% [is] my ability to stay calm and collected in any situation. I’m trained for high-stress situations, and I took this training and knowledge with me. [And] my ability to talk and converse with anyone. My greatest weakness [is] my inability to keep my mouth shut sometimes,” he told Netflix.
“I do consider myself a sneak and a good liar.”

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