The Mole’s Will: Job, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Strategy & More

The Mole's Will: Job, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Strategy & More

The Mole‘s Will Richardson is a dogged competitor who tries his very best at every mission on the show. Although that helps the team add more to the prize pot, it doesn’t do much in a game of subterfuge to trick his opponents into thinking he is the mole. As The Mole cast members compete in missions in various locations across Australia, Will, whose full name is William James Richardson, is struggling to figure out who actually is the mole. At one point he’s suspecting Avori Henderson, at another point he’s starting to lean towards Kesi Nesblett. We’ll have to wait and see on Friday, October 21, when The Mole‘s finale drops on Netflix if Will figured out who is actually the mole. In the meantime, his hilarious facial reactions to surprises and plot twists by his competitors has made Will a fan-favorite. Here’s everything Netflix viewers need to know about The Mole‘s Will Richardson before the finale airs.
The Mole's Will Richardson Models For The Camera

The Mole‘s Will Richardson poses for the camera with his long blond hair (Instagram).

The Mole‘s Will’s Instagram, Twitter, Job, Age & Birthday

The Mole's William Rocking Nike Shoes In California

The Mole fans are curious to know what exactly Will’s job is as a lifestyle brand manager. However, William doesn’t appear to have LinkedIn and doesn’t share about his job on social media. However, his bio for The Mole describes his work as his clients being professional athletes. Most likely, his job involves advising and managing athletes social media presence and personal brand for endorsement deals.

Will was age 29 on the show, but he likely celebrated his 30th birthday on or around May 1, which likely makes him a Taurus.
The Mole contestant nicknamed Thor for his 6-foot-5, 240 pounds build and long blond hair, lives in Henderson, Nevada. However, he was born and grew up in Las Vegas.
Will’s Instagram reveals he’s a big fan of designer sports shoes and sports cars. Besides being a lifestyle brand manager, William also appears to be a successful model and influencer with over 15,000 followers. He’s also a huge fitness buff, constantly hitting the gym to keep his bodybuilder physique. (His competitor Joi Schweitzer is also a big-time fitness fanatic.)
The Mole's Will Working Out

Netflix’s The Mole’s finalist contestant Will working out (Instagram).

Will is a natural-born athlete, and played competitive baseball while attending college. He also plays various other sports and is an adrenaline junkie. He skydiver three times in one day and also saved a friend with a broken leg by carrying them on his back while snowboarded down a mountain.

Will on Twitter shares his funny takes and fan commentary from the show.

The Mole's William Showing Off Some Kicks & His Sports Car

The Mole‘s William showing off some kicks and his white sports car (Instagram).

William’s Strategy, Strenghs & Weaknesses On The Mole

The Mole’s Will told Netflix his main strategy for the reality TV show competition. “My voting process — I [am not] going to vote for specifically one person.” He also admitted the pros and cons of his game.

“My competitive nature is my strength and my weakness. Because even in situations that could really help me look bad, my brain would always yell at me about how we don’t lose on purpose. One of my other biggest strengths that I think may sound weird is common-sense knowledge. I think sometimes [my competitors will] overanalyze every little degree instead of paying more attention to the person. I like to read people.”

Will also thinks he’s a great liar, which definitely comes in handy on a show like The Mole.

“I know I’m [a good liar], and this may be the only situation where that is something to brag about. It [will be] very easy to use my fellow cast members’ emotions against them.”
Fans will have to tune in to Netflix on Friday, October 21, to find out if The Mole‘s Will outlasts the other finalists to win the prize pot.

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