The Mole’s Joi: Relationship Status, Age, IG, Pilot Job

The Mole's Joi: Relationship Status, Age, IG, Pilot Job

The Mole‘s Joi Schweitzer started off on the Netflix reboot looking sus as hell. The commercial airline pilot led her team to get lost when trying to retrieve a money case in the plane crash mission. After that, she didn’t make herself any less suspicious when she bid $25,000 of the prize pot money to buy herself and exemption card during an elimination quiz meeting. She also insisted on going back to get a package during the mail run mission, which led to her and Jacob Hacker being late and losing the team money. However, in the latter part of the game viewers witnessed Joi competing harder to win money for the prize pot. Furthermore, Kesi Nesblett and Avori Henderson are giving off more of a vibe of who is actually the mole. As Netflix’s reality TV show all about deception has its finale drop on Friday, here’s everything fans need to know about The Mole‘s Joi Schweitzer.

The Mole‘s Joi’s Commercial Pilot Job, Instagram & Healthy Workout Lifestyle

The Mole's Joi Working As A Commercial Airline Pilot

Netflix’s The Mole‘s Joi working in her cockpit flying a commercial airplane (Instagram).

Joi Schweitzer is an intrepid competitor that should not be underestimated by the other cast members on The Mole. Joi’s Instagram shares her amazing life as a commercial airline pilot. As she pointed out on the show, female black pilot make up less than 1 percent of commercial pilots. Joi is women’s rights activist by promoting and encouraging more women like her to get into her profession.

Joi gets only joy from her work as a pilot. She recently released a video expressing her top five reasons she loves her job. On top of having the “best office” that “brings me closer to God”, Joi is grateful for the flexibility to do her own side hustle, not having to bring her work home with her, and getting to free travel around the world for herself and family. Joi has traveled all over the world.

According Joi’s bio, her father first introducer her to planes: “When Joi’s father, a retired aircraft mechanic, sat her behind the controls of military aircraft, she immediately knew being in the pilot’s seat was her calling. After she graduated from Georgia State with a degree in psychology, Joi supported herself through flight school while working as a flight attendant.”

On top of being a trailblazing black female pilot, Joi takes her workout regime very seriously and is a fitness influencer.

The Mole Finalist Joi Models Her Bodybuilder Physique

The Mole finalist Joi shows off her bodybuilder physique (Instagram).

Even when vacationing in Cancun, Mexico, still works out everyday because it’s a lifestyle for her. She also takes her nutrition very seriously, too, sharing her post-workout meals on IG. Joi’s The Mole bio includes the impressive factoid that she can squat 225 pounds! She also big into cooking and can “whip up a healthy gourmet meal in under 30 minutes”.

The Mole Finalist Joi’s Age, Birthday, Relationship Status, Home City & More

The Mole Contestant Joi Schweitzer With Her Husband & Son

The Mole Contestant Joi Schweitzer with her family (Instagram).

Joi is lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and young son. After her pregnancy, Joi worked hard to return to her bodybuilder physique.

According to her Instagram stories, Joi’s birthday is on or around December 2. That makes the 40 year-old’s zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Joi recently had a spiritual rebirth of her Christian faith and even got baptized. She’s also a big fan of Ye (formerly known as Kanye West).

Fans will have to wait until Friday for The Mole‘s season finale to find out if Joi is the mole or wins the prize pot.

Joi also shared some of her game strategy with Netflix. “Find another player I trust and join forces with them to identify the mole.”

“My strength is my ability to control other players without them realizing they [are] being manipulated. Overthinking the game [is] my weakness,” Joi said. “I don’t consider myself a good liar at all! I [rely] on my acting skills to manipulate others while keeping a poker face.”

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