Camille Vacations With BDSY’s Ashley After Below Deck Firing

Below Deck Season 10 Fired Stew Camille Lamb Vacations With BDSY Season 3 Star Ashley Marti In Key West

Below Deck season 10 star Camille Lamb continues to make headlines after Bravo released her firing from the show in full. The star is now vacationing with Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 star Ashley Marti in Key West, Florida. Despite viewers dragging Camille’s laziness on the show and celebrating her firing, she doesn’t seem to be letting the haters get the best of he her. Camille and Ashley sunbathed in bikinis on a beach and rode their bikes while in Florida tourist hotspot Key West.

Both Camille and Ashley were labeled by fans as villains on their respective seasons on Below Deck. So the Below Deck fanbase is going wild at the revelation the two Bravo beauties are friends.

Below Deck Season 10 Star Camille Lamb Partying With Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 star Ashley Marti

Camille And Ashley Vacation Gets Below Deck Fans Speculating On Collaboration

Camille And Ashley Bike Riding In Key West After Camille's Firing On Below Deck season 10 Aired On Bravo

Camille bike riding in Key West with Ashley Marti after her firing on Below Deck season 10 aired on Bravo (Instagram).

Since repeatedly getting dragged while starring on BDSY season 3, Ashley skipped the reunion episode and bashed the show’s pay. Ashley started an OnlyFans account as her infamy grew on the show. She makes an estimated $50,000 per month from her racy OnlyFans.

Although Ashley was given a bad portrayal on the show, Ashley remained good friends with deckhand co-stars Kelsie Goglia and Barnaby Birkbeck.

Now Below Deck fans are speculating if Camille and Ashley meeting up means Camille is considering starting her own OnlyFans and collaboriting with the BDSY beauty.

“OnlyFans tag team?!?” one fan asked on IG.

Meanwhile other fans chastised Camille, age 24, for hanging out with Ashley, who’s 25.

“You’re better than this! Why ya hanging out with her?” one asked Camille.

Floridians Camille and Ashley appear to be fast friends, beaching and riding bikes together while they vacationed in Key West.

Below Deck‘s subreddit began bashing the two upon the news they’re buddies.

“The two most unaware, self-centered, talentless people from the show together at last!” said one hater fan. “Seriously, other than commiserating on the fact that they can’t figure out why people hate them, why else are these two together?”

The subreddit moderator had to shut down the comments due too many toxic “body shaming” and “personal insults” comments.

Although there’s no evidence Camille is planning her own OnlyFans, she’s also looking to capitalize on her newfound fame from the show. The former American Idol contestant is working on releasing a music video for her new single “Cool Like Me”.

Bravo Releases Camille Getting Fired On Below Deck In Full

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