Below Deck Season 10 Reunion: Release Date, Canceled Rumor, Drama

Below Deck Season 10 Reunion: Release Date, Canceled Rumor, Drama

Below Deck season 10‘s finale, episode 17 “Oh Captain, My Captain”, aired on Bravo on Monday, March 22, and fans were left wondering when the reunion episode(s) will air, if at all. Rumored reports in February claimed Bravo canceled the Below Deck season 10 reunion. However, those were just rumors, and the fact Bravo is waiting two weeks to release Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 on Monday, April 10 suggested there may even be two parts to Below Deck season 10’s reunion, or two episodes! With two Mondays prior to the BDSY season 4 premiere, Bravo has two timeslots to fit.

There’s definitely lots to talk about, however. Like Ben and Camille breaking up after their Dominican Republic trip. And that’s not even the most shocking revelation. Replacement stewardess Leigh-Ann Smith dated Ben after his breakup with Camille and eventually ghosted her after they lived together in Florida for a month.

However, fired deck-stew Camille Lamb spilled some cold water on the notion Below Deck season 10 crew would get together on Bravo again to dish about what else happened on motor yacht St. David in Saint Lucia. On an Instagram story asking fans for questions for a YouTube Q&A, Lamb said she was making a video answering fans questions because there isn’t a Below Deck season 10 reunion episode. This further confirms fellow fired co-star Alissa Humber sharing an email from a Bravo rep saying the reunion was canceled due scheduling conflicts.

Below Deck season 10 definitely delivered plenty of drama to warrant a reunion that should go to episodes long. And with the fan demand hopefully Bravo will still change course. Camille infuriated fans with her laziness and entitlement. But, not to be outdone in the diva department, Alissa’s bullying behavior and insubordination towards Captain Sandy Yawn also need to be addressed. Also, what was up with the rude Indian-American charter guests? And speaking of divas, fans need to hear more about LaQuisha and her ridiculous demands.

Also, fans need answers to Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby‘s love triangle with replacement stew Leigh-Ann Smith and Camille. And self-described sex addict Bosun Ross McHarg has some explaining to do about his treatment of deckhand Katie Glaser, as he treated her pretty terribly throughout their boatmance.

Why Bravo Should Release The Below Deck Season 10 Reunion In Two Episodes

Below Deck season 10 produced great ratings for Bravo, which means it’s a no-brainer for the network to host two reunion episodes for the show. The show regularly had well over a million viewers tune in each week on Bravo, not to mention all the viewers also watching it on streaming services.

Alissa in late February posted a screenshot on her Instagram stories of an alleged email from a Bravo producer saying Below Deck season 10’s reunion episode was canceled due “scheduling issues” that make it “impossible for us to move forward”. Reports also suggested the reunion was canceled because Captain Sandy and Captain Lee Rosbach had a Twitter feud over captain decorum. (Captain Sandy filled in for Captain Lee for most of Below Deck season 10 due to the Stud of the Sea’s back surgery issues.) However, Captain Lee said the the media made a mountain out of a hole hill in their little disagreement.

Below Deck Adventure didn’t get a reunion episode likely due to poor ratings. However, Below Deck season has had a reunion episode except for season 4. And Below Deck season 10 had some of the best ratings yet for the network.

However, Captain Lee may be mad at Bravo for replacing him on the original Below Deck series with Below Deck Adventure‘s Captain Kerry Titheradge. Below Deck season 11 filmed throughout February 2023, and Captain Lee spent a lot of time working out and tweeting from his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Perhaps too many cast members were busy filming Below Deck season 11 and other cast members refused to participate, so Bravo had no choice but to scrap the reunion.

Below Deck Season 10 Cast Members Unlikely to Attend A Reunion

Speaking of Below Deck cast and Bravo, Chef Rachel Hargrove severed all ties with Bravo and Below Deck. She went on a long social media tirade, announcing she’s quit working with the reality TV show and network.

Alissa also suggested she might skip a the Below Deck season 10 reunion, too. However, she already appeared on Watch What Happens Live to talk about her time on the season with Andy Cohen.

Whatever Bravo decides, Below Deck fans demand a reunion for one of the most boat-filled-with-drama seasons ever produced by the network. However, thus far there’s no Below Deck season 10 reunion episode in the works.

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